Thank you for the Kundalini Yoga Teachings

7:03 pm Teacher Training

Sat Nam,

Well teacher training is coming to an end. I have only to hand in my final paper work, teach one more class for evaluation and then onto graduation. Wahooooo! er umm Wahe Guru! This has been an amazing experiene for me, (sounds rather egoic, let’s try that again.) The KRI Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training has strengthened my relationship with my soul and has allowed me to progress firmly upon the path. When I first started this course I rarely meditated, now I can kick out 11 and 22 minute meditations no sweat.

Shabad Kaur and Shiva Singh: thank you ever so much for your dedicated service to share and spread The Teachings. I know you like little testimonials to share with the KRI, so I’ll post the testimonial I shared with the class previously for the whole internet to see.

A couple years back I lost my best friend Tony to suicide. This event took me by complete surprise and really made me sad, mad and I felt a lot of grief. Even to this day as I commute past his parents home and the funeral home where I said good bye to his physical body. I miss him. When events like this happen they say family and friends go through a wide range of fellings/emotions. One stage is forgiveness. It took me a long time to forgive myself for not realizing that my friend was in a considerable amount of pain and hurting. But I did eventually forgive myself. Yet the pain remained. It wasn’t until during layout after a heart opening kriya, taught very nicely by my fellow Teacher Trainee Marianna (thanks Marianna,) that I realized that I had not forgiven Tony for the act which he performed. And as I lay there, my heart wide open in this realization, I mentally expressed my forgiveness to him. Now that’s healing, that’s power, that’s grace. This technology of Kundalini Yoga is a wonderful thing. I am honored to be able to share it with others. (I also want to thank Shabad Kaur for the subtle counseling here.)

It is my prayer that in the future the service which I provide may help to stop others from feeling this type of loss.

So there is a story for the journal, if you would like to share more with the KRI, or prospective Teacher Trainees for that matter here are some more stories from the Yoga Teacher Training section of this blog:

If you happen upon this site and are considering registering for Teacher Training, have a look though the links, then go ahead and sign up for the course! It will be a life changing experience.

I should also note that just before starting the training class I was working a job which was limiting my growth. Since then I have a new job which has allowed me to increase my skill set while providing value for my employer.

So once again, thank you Shiva Singh and Shabad Kaur. I’d also like to thank our excellent guest instructors:

  • Guru Raj Kaur, thank you for deepening or understanding of mantra
  • Pritpal Kaur, I appreciate the process and precision you used to teach us ideal postures, with real examples
  • Dr. Siri Atma Singh, I’m greatful for the healing capacity you communcated throughout your presenation of physiology

Potential Teacher Trainees- this is a ROCK STAR line of talented Kundalini Yoga instructors, I suggest you sign up.

In the Spirit of giving I am formally giving all course Instructors, fellow trainees, and support yogins the opportunity to use this website as a vehicle to further spread your slice of the teachings. This site currently receives about 200 visitors per day and should be a nice opportunity to communicate your Kundalini Yoga messages. Simply send me an email and I’ll set ya up with a profile in the system. (Jenilyn if you want to do some internally resource sharing we can password protect posts on this site if ya like.) Perhaps this site can become an exercise in group consciousness sharing with the world. One thing to keep in mind when mixing ancient technology with modern technology, is that they call them Ethernets for a reason….

I must graciously thank Yogi Bhajan, for doing what nobody had ever done before and teaching this technology openly in the West. Thoughout the training it was communicated how as teachers we are to create future teachers who will become 10 times greater than ourselves. I truly see this statement reflected in the dynamic cast of teachers that carried out this program. Yogi Bhanjan thank you for training these 5 10 X’s and countless others. Thank you for accepting my onto this path and into the Golden Chain.

Guru Ram Das I humbly thank you for bringing Kundalini Yoga through your House in the Aquarian Age.

And finally I gotta give a shout out to the Lord, (It’s true the Lord likes shout outs, in fact He created the concept of a shout out.)

For through His yoga the soul’s of men shall shine forth like a Lighthouse piercing through the Kali Yug to usher in a New Age. There is much work to do.

In devoted service, may His Will be done.

Sat Nam

5 Responses

  1. Alison Says:

    “… I was working a job which was limiting my growth.” – Wow, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling. Sounds like you’ve had an amazing journey.

  2. hershel Says:

    Greetings Alison,

    Thanks for the comment, it has been an amazing journey, but I’m ready to bring on the next leg of the trip.

    So one thing you could do is pray to Ganesha to remove the obstacles that may be limiting your growth. But I gotta warn ya, the way obstacles get removed is not always the way we wish they would ;-)

  3. Harbhajan Kaur Says:

    Sometimes while perusing the net I happen upon things and they are not current, you know years and years old. I did a search on google looking for inspirational thoughts on teaching Kundalini Yoga and your site came up and most matched what I was looking for this day. Then I start clicking through your posts and realize that this just happened! Congratulations on completing your Teacher Training. I am currently teaching without having completed a teacher training (I live in the British Virgin Islands) My friend has a beautiful website that you may find inspiring, one good turn deserves another, thank you for your site. here is hers

    I practice using the Sadhana Guidelines from 1974- revised in 88 printing.

  4. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam,

    Thanks for the congrats, it’s very exciting! I do recommend the Teacher Training program, the foundational knowledge and experience is fantastic.

  5. Akal Dev Singh (Eric Ellingsen) Says:

    Sat Nam, Brother,

    What an amazing offering. And a shout out to my fellow student, Krishan, now beloved teacher. We all learned so much from you during class and it has been hard to see Graduation day come, and yet exciting.

    And we proceed now into the path of the unstructured journey (comparatively speaking) of keeping up, without our bi-monthly 10 hour immersions into our soul’s unknown depths, and the embodied technology of awareness, action and inaction. The main lesson I think: our souls service and connection knows no limits; as Shiva put it, we can sit, still, and their primary job is done, for we now dwell in the/our infinite as one.

    Shout out to the Lord indeed.

    Until we see each other at our Summer Sadhana reunion camp-outs, Sat Siri Siri Akal. Peace.

    Akal Dev

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