Surya Kriya: Channel the Energy of the Sun

5:05 pm 40 Days

For my Teacher Training practicum class I taught Surya kriya to the group.  It is a lovely set that focuses on brining in Sun energy, hence the name Surya.

In order to improve my teaching ability for the class I started doing a 40 day practice of Surya Kriya, which actually just ended.  Sun energy allows one to focus on many tasks at the same time, which I really need to excel at considering the creative endeavors which manifest through my mind.

One thing I really enjoyed about the 40 day practice was I felt I’ve begun to deepen my experience while performing Sat Kriya, which is a cornerstone Kundalini Yoga practice.

To add some flashing lights to the practice, one morning in meditation following the kriya, I had a vision of the Sun rising and shining brightly upon me.  Needless to say these communal experiences encourages one to continue with regular practice.

I’m going to take a short break from a 40 day and mix it up a little for a bit.  Sometimes I enjoy waking in the morning and simply doing the kriya that is called for on that particular day.  But now that I’ve deepened my yoga practice, I intend to perform a regular regimine of 40 day kriyas and meditations.  Stay tuned for those…

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  1. Shiva Says:

    Glad that you posted again! I’m new to Kundalini Yoga and appreciate hearing your comments and experiences. I will be embarking on my own 40 days pretty soon. For now, I am just trying to do a video for 40 days. I know it’s not the same but it’s a start. I may eventually do the teacher training in Espanola. I am already a yoga teacher in another lineage. Again, THANKS! And Sat Nam.

  2. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam,

    A video is an exellent way to start. Glad you enjoy the site.

    And I would encourage any formal training in Kundalini Yoga.

  3. Yoga for elderly Says:

    interesting concept.

  4. Sikaran martial arts Says:

    wow. that’s very interesting.

  5. Krishan Says:

    glad you find it of interest.

    I find it very interesting as well


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