Power Core Kundalini Yoga Work

9:30 am 3rd Chakra- Power, 40 Days

For my most recently completed 40 day kundalini yoga kriya, I practiced Nabhi kriya.  Nabhi kriya focuses on working the 3rd chakra, or navel center, or power center, it works your core.  The navel point is the source of our nurishment when we are in the womb of our mothers.  In yoga the navel point is the center where a human draws power to be used by the other centers. 

I added the breath of fire as a pranayam warm up prior to the kriya.  I figured hey, if I’m working on the fire in the belly, I might as well practice the breath of fire as well.  In hind sight I should have practiced a more cooling pranayam.  My body constitution, or dosha, is that of a kapha which means water.  I suspect the breath of fire, plus the belly fire work was somewhat counter balancing to my constitution.  I felt very firey, and wasn’t cooling myself off much during my practice. 

I was glad to have practiced this kriya for 40 days.  It absolutely provided a inflow of energy, which is needed from time to time. 

I supplemented this 40 day kriya with a 40 day meditation, from Yogi Bhajan’s book, The Mind- Creating Art by Projecting into the Future.  I weaved these together in order to channel the Nabhi energy into my projections of the future.  I’ll let ya know how they turn out when I get there ;-)

Keep up and keep practicing!


4 Responses

  1. Barbara Says:

    Hi Krishan,

    Thank you very much for posting this information and about your experience.

    I am very keen to learn that how does kundalini yoga helps in liberating and enlightening the human being. Any thought or idea is appreciated.

    With Regards

  2. Krishan Says:

    You are most welcome Barbara,

    They say it’s useful to journal ones experience on the Spiritual paths. So I figure, hey, why not journal online.

    As for ideas and thoughts on liberation, I believe a practice of the yoga is necessary in order for you to probe deeper into your question..

  3. ankoo Says:

    I experience body aches and energy deficit many times, Can kundalini yoga/3rd chakra meditation help me???

  4. power yoga Says:

    Power yoga is the best! I love it so much.

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