From Chakras to Ten Bodies

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Sat Nam,

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, my bad, I’ve been extremely busy with Teacher Training.

We had a great class recently and went through the chakras, wahoo! I actually realized I’ve been pronouncing it wrong for some time now, it’s not a blunt hit to the head, but oh well. I also need to add an 8th chakra to this blog- The Aura. Yogi Bhajan taught of the 8th chakra, which is the sum total of all the chakras/an individuals energy field.

We did several meditations associated with the chakra energy centers, and WOW were they powerful. I mean give me some more of that stuff please ;-) The group energy is fantastic, my undying appreciation goes out to my teacher training, teachers, and supporting yogis class for sharing in this experience with me. (gotta give a shout out to Yogi Bhajan and Guru Ram Das as well.)

Words carry a vibration. May this website vibrate strongly to positively effect people for change!

We’ve recently started a 40 day Sadhana. We are on day 8 I believe. My kriya is Nabhi Kriya for Prana and Apana. I am super excited to complete the 40 days, though the 2.5 hours in the morning has been challenging. I’ve actually been kind of ill the past week or so, I caught something going around the office.

It’s made it very difficult to keep a long Sadhana, but I am happy to say I’ve maintained the kriya every day. One thing that would be useful through the program is support on how to integrate it into the family life. Jamie likes to sleep ;-)

I must say that this program challenges you on all levels. It’s like a college level course that has roots on the Spiritual plane. (the tree of life comes to mind.) I could envision a beautiful scene using this imagry, including the Golden Chain teachers etc.

On tap for next week is learnings on our 10 Bodies.  That’s right, there’s more than 1.  I love this subtle, abstract, scientific stuff.  There’s no other body of knowledge like it.

I am actually teaching the class first thing too. It’s a physically challenging, yet very achievable set- Transforming the Lower Triangle into the Upper Triangle.

May the Guru flow through me on that morning.

Sat Nam.

Preventative Maintenance- Alternative Medicine

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Kundalini yoga is an excellent means of preventative maintenance for the body to fight dis-ease.

I like to view it as one component of a holsitic approach to alternative medicine.

I’ve recently contributed a post on Alternative Medicine, on Madison’s community blog Dane101.  Check it out!