Yogi Tea, Simple, Powerful, Healing

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Yogi Tea is a wonderful potion which was provided by Yogi Bhajan.

Sometimes as one travels the path, any path, we forget the simple things which bring health and healing to our lives.  Yogi tea is one of them.  In my teacher training we even had a class on how to make Yogi Tea ourselves.  Which was greatly appreciated.  I now make yogi tea on a bi-weekly basis in batches so that I can drink it in the morning as opposed to the coffee I used to always drink.  I’ve found that making it myself adds some extra good healing energy to it.  However, the Yogi Tea which is available in the store is extremely tasty and has several specific healing capabilities to help people.

(Gotta give a shout out to the folks at Busy People Inc. Organic Food, for providing the space for our class in Teacher Training.)

I’m actually sipping some Yogi Tea as I type this, he he he.

Okay so back to it, Yogi Bhajan and his students have developed a series of teas for very specific ailments.  For example, there is Yogi Tea for sore throats, Yogi Tea for pregnancy, Yogi Tea for energy, Yogi Tea to enhance breating the list goes on.  These are herbal remedies that have been mixed together using scientific understanding of the properties within them to promote healing.  It’s simply great stuff.  Oh and the Yogi Tea in the stores comes with great little inspirational messages on every tea bag, which are really fun.

As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in the Aquarian Age one of my roles is to help spread the teachings.  And Yogi Tea is such a simple way to do so.  Here’s what you do, pick up some Yogi Tea, take it to work with you drink some, then share with your coworkers.  Before you know it, if they are tea drinkers, you coworkers will say mmmm that’s good.  I happen to share some tea with a virtual priest, who I work with.  She tried some tea and next thing ya know she goes to the store and buys some more.  Now we have Yogi Tea time in the office ;-)   That was a very simple means of sharing the healing.  The power lies in the tea itself.

Like I said to start, Yogi Tea, Simple, Powerful Healing.

Surya Kriya: Channel the Energy of the Sun

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For my Teacher Training practicum class I taught Surya kriya to the group.  It is a lovely set that focuses on brining in Sun energy, hence the name Surya.

In order to improve my teaching ability for the class I started doing a 40 day practice of Surya Kriya, which actually just ended.  Sun energy allows one to focus on many tasks at the same time, which I really need to excel at considering the creative endeavors which manifest through my mind.

One thing I really enjoyed about the 40 day practice was I felt I’ve begun to deepen my experience while performing Sat Kriya, which is a cornerstone Kundalini Yoga practice.

To add some flashing lights to the practice, one morning in meditation following the kriya, I had a vision of the Sun rising and shining brightly upon me.  Needless to say these communal experiences encourages one to continue with regular practice.

I’m going to take a short break from a 40 day and mix it up a little for a bit.  Sometimes I enjoy waking in the morning and simply doing the kriya that is called for on that particular day.  But now that I’ve deepened my yoga practice, I intend to perform a regular regimine of 40 day kriyas and meditations.  Stay tuned for those…