Prosperity Meditation: 40 Days

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I have a secret to tell you.  When I was a kid I used to play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends.  You know the role playing game where you would create fantasy people and go out on adventures, okay some would say we were dorks, but it was a blast.  Besides now we have the natural evolution of those games, video games.  Well in D&D and many video games for that matter, there is often a time of building up your character.  To do so one often has to do repetitive tasks, like conquering easily beaten creatures, or collecting quantities of something over and over again from specific locations.  But why do we do these things???

So that we can have kick ass characters.

But we all have character, right.  We are each our own character, so how do we develop ourselves so we can kick ass in life.

The technology of Kundalini Yoga provides the tools to develop our character to its utmost potential.  And so in the Spirit of my previous Character development, I have been continuing on with 40 day meditations or kriyas.  After 40 days the effects of a specific Kundalini Yoga kriya or meditation are firmly seeded within the brain.

For my recent meditation I choose the Meditation for Prosperity I.  It’s a beatiful meditation, which I really enjoyed doing.

My 40 days ended last week, time for the prosperity to come right.  Perhaps not exactly, our brakes needed replacing, we were assessed by our condo association and we just sent in our property taxes.  Hmmmm, where’s the prosperity.  But wait, the prosperity lies in having the available means to deal with these financial bumps in the road.

The additional benefit to this meditation is that it works the Neutral mind, which is the mind that assesses the positive of the negative and the negative of the positive then acts through intuition.  I must say, that since completing this meditation I’ve experienced a noticible change in 3rd eye activity.

So I’m hooked on these 40 day character development exercises.  To recap since I started, and now completed, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, I’ve performed 40 days on the following:

Next I think I’ll move on to my Negative Mind, possibly blend or overlap that with a kriya for foundational work unto Infinity.