Workplace Yogi Integration

Krishan Singh 1 Comment

Sometimes after being deep in meditation, or reading about the Lord’s yoga, I get so enamored with Yoga that it’s all I want to do, read, and think about during the day.

But alas, I have a day job, well more of a career than just a day job.  So how can I integrate me being a yogi into the workplace??

It just so happens that the very daily lives we live are an evolving form of Spiritual Practice.  It’s daily yoga so to speak.  The masters and advanced students are capable of maintaining a high level of consciousness throughout their earthly endeavors.  Before enlightenment, pick up water and carry stones, after enlightenment pick up water and carry stones.

Well in my case my stones are performing Internet Marketing for Full Compass, who sells pro audio, video and lighting equipment.  There is an ancient truth which is something to the effect of, “as above, so below.”  This is stating that the work we take upon our Selves in the higher levels (Spirit) is reflected in the work we perform on the lower levels (matter.)

So let’s see how I can integrate my career and my yogic perspective.  The Internet from a certain point of view is an Ethernet.  So my current career is to Etherically promote, Sound & Light Technology.  Wow that sounds pretty cool, from a yoga perspective I get the Ethers and Sound and Light technology sounds alot like yoga, especially when you ponder on mantra and the Light of the Soul.  So my career and my yoga practice are actually closely connected.  Great I can keep on marketing fun microphone products like the Shure SM58.

What are the daily tasks you find yourself doing throughout your life??  Odds are they are a reflection of the work of your Soul.