Foundation for Infinity and more..

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So I’m hooked on this 40 day yoga Kriya and or meditation thing.

I just completed a 40 day Foundation for Infinity Set, which provides grounding and an experience of the Infinite.

I’ve moved onto my next 40 day, which is a combination Nabhi Kriya, (Navel Point set) followed with a meditation to work the positive mind.  One thing I am finding in my series of 40 day sets is that sometimes in the middle or toward the end of a 40 day I am realizing that I need some work in some other areas as well.  For example, I am really in need of some Navel Power right now, in fact I’ve been in need for sometime, but I was comitted to the 40 day foundation for Infinity, which really didn’t focus on navel power, so I put the navel power on hold.  While I may be getting some navel work in now, I suspect I should have supplemented with perhaps some evening exercises to get me through the 40 day.

The more in tune I become with my energy field the more I realize how adjustements can be made by using the Kundalini Yoga technology.

I do have to admit that for these 40 day’s I’ve not always followed them with a complete Aquarian Sadhana meditation series.  Perhaps the meditation would help, but there is not much navel power seated in easy pose.

As far as my Foundation goes, I have flipped my perspective on how I set my foundation.  Traditionally one likes to think of roots as their foundation and roots run through the legs and into the ground.  In some side reading I’ve been doing I like to think of my foundation like the Tree of Life.  In it’s true form the Tree of Life has it’s roots upside down, from our perspective.  It’s roots are rooted firmly in heaven while it’s leaves fall upon the Earth.    The roots are extensions of the crown center.  It’s a powerful image.