I am, I am, I am

7:44 pm Mantras

I am, I am, I am

I know what you are thinking, what, I am what?

That’s just it, I am, I am.

One mantra used in Kundalini Yoga is, I am.  This week I had the fortunate experience to listen to Deepak Chopra in Madison.  His talk was fantastic, he took us through some quantum physics and provided some wonderful insights as key take aways.  One thread of discussion especially caught my attention, it dealt with karma.

Dr. Chopra said that thoughts which occur in your mind, and tend to make it challenging for one to mediate, are the result of karmas which are past memories, or desires for the future.  He then stated that by using the Mantra I am, I am, I am for 10 – 15 minutes you can counter those karmas.  Why?

Because I am is undefined.  It is a term that carries with it no karma, it’s simply a mantra of being.  How cool is that huh?  I am, I am, it’s so simple yet so powerful.  So the karma of your thought and the mantra I am cancel each other out, and then you are operating the the “gap” as he called it, which is the off time period in between the on phase of manifestation, which is a continuing cycle of on off on off.  This gap, Dr. Chopra stated, is your Soul.

I suspect Sat Nam is along a similar vibration to I am.

Anyhoot, it was an ah ha moment for me, so I thought I’d share.

I am

I am

I am


2 Responses

  1. Sarah Says:

    It brings a feel inside us, of being self independent, self confidence and self grooming.Really had create a change in me!

  2. Richard | RichardShelmerdine.com Says:

    It’s like when Jesus said “Before Abraham was I am”. It goes beyond time and stops you overanalyzing it because a mind cannot understand that phrase.

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