New Energy Balance

12:14 pm Kundalini Yoga Kriyas

Earlier this week I finished another 40 day Sadhana.  My practice was a New Energy Balance.  This kriya was a lovely set that nicely stimulated the lower triangle centers and then yoked the energy up to the higher centers.

So do I find my self newly balanced with energy?  Well, somewhat yes.

My wife and I have recently been blessed with a new baby and let me tell you I for sure have some new energy to balance.  But through working with the kriya I’ve found myself regulating my energy better then I was before.  I would like to think I am more calm and at peace with my life, even though it seems upside down at times.

One of the beautiful benefits of this 40 day practice was that this new energy balance keeps with ya a bit.  For example, today I practiced the kriya, Master Your Domain.  I have practiced this kriya before, several times in fact.  In the past I’ve noticed a welling up of energy in my 3rd center, after practicing Master Your Domain, due to the navel work mixed with pranayam.  This time however, I noticed this energy rising.  The energy that was channeled into my system rose up via the new energy balance I had created with 40 days of practice. 

Now I shall have to balance other aspects of my life with this new energy balance.

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  1. Techgirl Says:

    I am so excited to have found your blog. Forgive me if I comment on every article. I have a two year old and balancing my energy is a constant challenge. It is interesting because I recently did something I call the projection experiment. I have not decided on a kriya to commit to but I have committed to practicing every day. With a two year old, a little every day is a lot for me sometimes. Anyway, I wrote down some of my current “projections” and then wrote an alternative projection for each one. The first week started off very strong. By the second week I was noticing a significant difference in my attitude and relationships. Now it has been three weeks and it feels as though there is a battle going on inside of me, as if the old projections are fighting to stay alive. My son has been sick and we are not sleeping much. I noticed that I was buying into the drama of being a tired and exhausted mommy, looking for sympathy from the outside world. Once I became conscious that I was projecting “fatigue” I decided to change it to “tapping into reserve energy”. The idea itself was immediately empowering and I felt my energy lift just at the change in the title of my emotion. I look forward to hearing what changes may come if you continue past 40 days. Blessings!

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