Kundalini Yoga Class, Madison & I’ll Teach a few

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Sat Nam,

My friend Nam Kaur, is teaching a series of Kundalini Yoga classes starting January 29th.

You can check details and sign up for the class here.

I’ll also be subbing for a few classes while Nam goes to India for a family trip to celebrate her wedding.

Congrats Nam Kaur

and students, we hope to see you there!


1,000 Day Meditation for an Invicible Spirit

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I received an email from the Kundalini Research Institute announcing an International 1,000 Day meditation leading up to the Age of Aquarius.  After receiving it I thought, wow, that would be soo cool to be a part of that collective group consciousness leading up to the official beginning of the new age.

Details on the mediation can be found here.   I watched the video and downloaded the English versions with instruction.

It seems rather straight forward, but I can assure you the affects will be found on several levels.

I do have one question, in the overview it states that Yogi Bhajan said the Age of Aquarius will officially begin on November 11, 2011.  The numerology of 11/11/11 is super cool, however, there are many works out there stating that Winter Solstice of 2012 is the official beginning of the new Age, the end of the Mayan Long Count etc.  On page 7 of the Aquarian Teacher it also states that the cusp period last till 2012.  It will be interesting to watch the discussion over the official start of the New Age over the next few years.

Regardless, I’m super excited to take on my first 1,000 day practice, especially since it will be shared with others.

Bring on Aquarius!

The Meditative Mind, A Conscious Shift

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Per my background, I’ve maintained a regular yoga practice for the past 5 years now.  However, I really didn’t start “meditating” until my teacher training program last year.  Since then I’ve been on a 40 days mission, or perhaps I should say a series of 40 day kriyas and meditations.  I have now moved onto my next mediation, which is very powerful, Meditation for Self Blessing Guidance by Intuition.  It powerfully stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, while strengthening the magnetic feild.  The results of my regular practice and this newly integrating meditation are paying off.

As part of my additional Spiritual journey, I’ve decided to align myself more with the natural rhythms of the Earth.  As such I am putting myself more in tune with the Cycle of the Moon.  It is said that the full moon is a particularly auspicious time to meditate, and so I have started Full Moon meditations.  I haven’t had formal full moon meditation training, in this life time, but I figure I would simply sit quietly and get into the space.  The space of the Meditative Mind.

Through training I am now able to consciously shift my awareness into the Meditative Mind, at least I did last night during the Full Moon.  It was a profound experience really, the visions and sensations are my own for now, but powerful.  With focused attention, inward and upward towards the crown I dwell in that space.

It’s a pretty cool space really.  I am encouraged to keep up my practice so I can continue to access the Meditative Mind.