Japji Sahib, Practical Experience

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Japji Sahib is regularly practiced as the first portion of a Kundalini Yogi’s Aquarian Sadhana.  I have a secret to admit.  For a while there, say several months, I neglected my Japji Sahib practice.  You know how that goes, the regular excuse comes up…well if I skip Japji I can still have lots of time to meditate and I don’t have to get up any earlier. 

So I skipped for a while and I came to realize that I missed it.

During Teacher Training we spent a decent amount of time learning about Japji.  I even bought and watched a CD class dedicated to it’s practice.  I’ve come to realize that a regular Kundalini Yoga practice allows a practicioner to start to move a large amount of energy within the mind, body, spirit system.  I’ve also come to realize that a regular Japji practice helps to regulate this energy.  Specifically for me it helps me to regulate the energy of my mind, which tends to have it’s way with me sometimes.  So when I had had enough of my mind having it’s way with me, I decided to pick up my practice of Japji again, for a very practical purpose.

Now then, I’ve also been keeping a journal.  It’s a daily review journal, but through additional meditation classes I’ve come to the understanding that during yoga and meditation is an excellent time to keep a personal Spiritual Journal of thoughts and impressions that come to mind.  When one is in a meditative state of mind, the thoughts and impressions tend to come from ones soul or sub-conscious mind.  These thoughts serve as clues for what one may be working through at that present point in their life.  So it turns out that during my Japji Sahib practice I keep a journal as well

This is all fine and dandy, however, I was fortunate enough that during teacher training my friend Akal Dev took the time to type up Japji in line with the effects the various pauris (stanzas) have on those who speak the Shabad.  So as I was keeping a journal of the thoughts that popped up in my head during Japji, I kept note of the pauris I was reading at the time of the thoughts, and thus their effects. 

For example, I was chanting pauri 19 when I had an idea, a great idea.  It just so happens that pauri 19 brings universal knowledge, inspiration and revelation.  Well hmmm, maybe I should act on the idea that I had while chanting pauri 19.  What was that idea, well hold tight, it’s going to take a little bit to manifest, but it will come and I’ll be sure to share.

So I’ve found my way back to Japji Sahib, and not only that I’ve found another way to bring soulful insight down into physical manifestation through practical application of Japji Sahib.

good times

Sat Nam!