Ever evolving perspective

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For anyone who happens upon this blog you’ll see a 1 year gap in posting. Not a very good thing to do in the blogosphere but I had reasons for the posting delay. For 1 I had a new baby and he is great, he is another time committment, but it’s the type of committment that I love to make. And 2 I’ve been exploring some other aspects of yoga. Not necessarily Kundalini Yoga. Live and yoga in general are ever evolving perspectives.

As you’ll note from my extensive Teacher Training class, I was subjected to a lot of tradition carried over from India. The tradition is beautiful and has transformed my life for the better, however, as an individual I didn’t agree with all of the rigid structure set forth in the tradition. As a seeker of Truth, I’ve begun exploring additional paths of Raja Yoga (note I didn’t say Raj Yoga) and have found that in this new age, which is just about the current age, that one must take different aspects of life and spirituality from experience and integrate them together. For example, within my new line of studies I’ve learned that minds in the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth are more accustom to long stretches of meditation, say hours on end, while minds in the Western Hemisphere, which is where I live, are more active in nature and don’t due as well with the long stretches. Personally I have no problem meditation for an hour at a crack, but I’d say I’m not typical of the common Westerner in this way. So to be of increased value and service in the future a shift from the traditional perspective may be of value in the West. There are several other instances of this, which I may or may not get into in the future. I don’t want to detract from the wonderful thing, which is Kundalini Yoga.

For this past year I’ve been struggling with how to best communicate this on this blog, since I’ve been communicating here for the most part from a traditional Kundalini Yoga perspective. I’ve found the answer, just honesty. My studies have taken me to a point where it’s become challenging to lump all the perspectives I’d like to share only under the Kundalini Yoga Blog & Chakra Balancing concept. Spirituality is so much more than just Kundalini Yoga & Chakra Balancing. So I am going to pick up my sharing within a domain I’ve been toying with for a couple of years. It took me a while to develop a Title and Tag line that could encompass all of the thoughts that I will likely share over time, yoga, meditation, complimentary medicine, astrology, spirituality, relationships, so broad. And I can now cover under the heading of

Spirits Awaken: Aquarian Spirituality for the Soul