1000 day Meditation: Day 1

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So today was the big day, yup Day 1 of the 1000 day meditation.  As I noted previously the Kundalini Research Institute is promoting a 1,000 day Meditation for an Invincible Spirit, leading up to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

Today was the first day, so if you are reading this and want to start for the 1000 go for it!

Experiencing this meditation today was a real treat and a surprise.  First of all it’s a lovely meditation, utilizing the mantra for the Aquarian Age which is put to a marching beat/rhythm.  The marching vibe is powerful and you can feel as if together we are marching towards a greater experience of humanity.

The surprise I received was the energetic experience of this global meditation.  This experience is being promoted and participated in across the Mother Earth.  By joining in the mediation one joins with the collective group energy of all participants.  I’d be curious to know, world wide how many are going for 1,000 days?  Anyway, that collective energy is strong, it forms a global network of light.  This network affect works to raise the vibration of humanities collective consciousness, which is exactly what we need during these challenging times of the transition energy.

Gotta give a shout out and a Sat Nam to Yogi Bhajan, Guru Ram Das and the Lord for this technology to help us through this transition.

Please note that you can join in to this group consciousness and collective Spirit at any time in during the next 1,000 days.

I’m totally hooked on this meditation and look forward to experiencing it until time of the Water Bearer is at hand, even though it’s an air sign ;-)


Kundalini Yoga Class, Madison & I’ll Teach a few

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Sat Nam,

My friend Nam Kaur, is teaching a series of Kundalini Yoga classes starting January 29th.

You can check details and sign up for the class here.

I’ll also be subbing for a few classes while Nam goes to India for a family trip to celebrate her wedding.

Congrats Nam Kaur

and students, we hope to see you there!


1,000 Day Meditation for an Invicible Spirit

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I received an email from the Kundalini Research Institute announcing an International 1,000 Day meditation leading up to the Age of Aquarius.  After receiving it I thought, wow, that would be soo cool to be a part of that collective group consciousness leading up to the official beginning of the new age.

Details on the mediation can be found here.   I watched the video and downloaded the English versions with instruction.

It seems rather straight forward, but I can assure you the affects will be found on several levels.

I do have one question, in the overview it states that Yogi Bhajan said the Age of Aquarius will officially begin on November 11, 2011.  The numerology of 11/11/11 is super cool, however, there are many works out there stating that Winter Solstice of 2012 is the official beginning of the new Age, the end of the Mayan Long Count etc.  On page 7 of the Aquarian Teacher it also states that the cusp period last till 2012.  It will be interesting to watch the discussion over the official start of the New Age over the next few years.

Regardless, I’m super excited to take on my first 1,000 day practice, especially since it will be shared with others.

Bring on Aquarius!

The Meditative Mind, A Conscious Shift

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Per my background, I’ve maintained a regular yoga practice for the past 5 years now.  However, I really didn’t start “meditating” until my teacher training program last year.  Since then I’ve been on a 40 days mission, or perhaps I should say a series of 40 day kriyas and meditations.  I have now moved onto my next mediation, which is very powerful, Meditation for Self Blessing Guidance by Intuition.  It powerfully stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, while strengthening the magnetic feild.  The results of my regular practice and this newly integrating meditation are paying off.

As part of my additional Spiritual journey, I’ve decided to align myself more with the natural rhythms of the Earth.  As such I am putting myself more in tune with the Cycle of the Moon.  It is said that the full moon is a particularly auspicious time to meditate, and so I have started Full Moon meditations.  I haven’t had formal full moon meditation training, in this life time, but I figure I would simply sit quietly and get into the space.  The space of the Meditative Mind.

Through training I am now able to consciously shift my awareness into the Meditative Mind, at least I did last night during the Full Moon.  It was a profound experience really, the visions and sensations are my own for now, but powerful.  With focused attention, inward and upward towards the crown I dwell in that space.

It’s a pretty cool space really.  I am encouraged to keep up my practice so I can continue to access the Meditative Mind.

Power Core Kundalini Yoga Work

3rd Chakra- Power, 40 Days 4 Comments

For my most recently completed 40 day kundalini yoga kriya, I practiced Nabhi kriya.  Nabhi kriya focuses on working the 3rd chakra, or navel center, or power center, it works your core.  The navel point is the source of our nurishment when we are in the womb of our mothers.  In yoga the navel point is the center where a human draws power to be used by the other centers. 

I added the breath of fire as a pranayam warm up prior to the kriya.  I figured hey, if I’m working on the fire in the belly, I might as well practice the breath of fire as well.  In hind sight I should have practiced a more cooling pranayam.  My body constitution, or dosha, is that of a kapha which means water.  I suspect the breath of fire, plus the belly fire work was somewhat counter balancing to my constitution.  I felt very firey, and wasn’t cooling myself off much during my practice. 

I was glad to have practiced this kriya for 40 days.  It absolutely provided a inflow of energy, which is needed from time to time. 

I supplemented this 40 day kriya with a 40 day meditation, from Yogi Bhajan’s book, The Mind- Creating Art by Projecting into the Future.  I weaved these together in order to channel the Nabhi energy into my projections of the future.  I’ll let ya know how they turn out when I get there ;-)

Keep up and keep practicing!


Kundalini Yoga Meeting

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So I got to do some substitue teaching this past Thursday for my local fellow Kundalini Yogini Nam Kaur.

It was a great experience, I loved it.  Teaching Kundalini Yoga provides such a fulfillment in my life.  For the past several years I’ve been working hard on myself and studying much.  It’s finally has gotten to the point where I am not only ready to start sharing the knowledge and teachings with others, I really need to share.

 I saw this on the room I taught the class in and felt right at home.

Kundalini Yoga Meeting

Gotta love the high tech world we live in.  High tech signs for ancient technology teachings, I love it.

Now if I could only get my iPhone to work with some portable speakers, I’d be in business.

Sat Nam


Foundation for Infinity and more..

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So I’m hooked on this 40 day yoga Kriya and or meditation thing.

I just completed a 40 day Foundation for Infinity Set, which provides grounding and an experience of the Infinite.

I’ve moved onto my next 40 day, which is a combination Nabhi Kriya, (Navel Point set) followed with a meditation to work the positive mind.  One thing I am finding in my series of 40 day sets is that sometimes in the middle or toward the end of a 40 day I am realizing that I need some work in some other areas as well.  For example, I am really in need of some Navel Power right now, in fact I’ve been in need for sometime, but I was comitted to the 40 day foundation for Infinity, which really didn’t focus on navel power, so I put the navel power on hold.  While I may be getting some navel work in now, I suspect I should have supplemented with perhaps some evening exercises to get me through the 40 day.

The more in tune I become with my energy field the more I realize how adjustements can be made by using the Kundalini Yoga technology.

I do have to admit that for these 40 day’s I’ve not always followed them with a complete Aquarian Sadhana meditation series.  Perhaps the meditation would help, but there is not much navel power seated in easy pose.

As far as my Foundation goes, I have flipped my perspective on how I set my foundation.  Traditionally one likes to think of roots as their foundation and roots run through the legs and into the ground.  In some side reading I’ve been doing I like to think of my foundation like the Tree of Life.  In it’s true form the Tree of Life has it’s roots upside down, from our perspective.  It’s roots are rooted firmly in heaven while it’s leaves fall upon the Earth.    The roots are extensions of the crown center.  It’s a powerful image.

Workplace Yogi Integration

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Sometimes after being deep in meditation, or reading about the Lord’s yoga, I get so enamored with Yoga that it’s all I want to do, read, and think about during the day.

But alas, I have a day job, well more of a career than just a day job.  So how can I integrate me being a yogi into the workplace??

It just so happens that the very daily lives we live are an evolving form of Spiritual Practice.  It’s daily yoga so to speak.  The masters and advanced students are capable of maintaining a high level of consciousness throughout their earthly endeavors.  Before enlightenment, pick up water and carry stones, after enlightenment pick up water and carry stones.

Well in my case my stones are performing Internet Marketing for Full Compass, who sells pro audio, video and lighting equipment.  There is an ancient truth which is something to the effect of, “as above, so below.”  This is stating that the work we take upon our Selves in the higher levels (Spirit) is reflected in the work we perform on the lower levels (matter.)

So let’s see how I can integrate my career and my yogic perspective.  The Internet from a certain point of view is an Ethernet.  So my current career is to Etherically promote, Sound & Light Technology.  Wow that sounds pretty cool, from a yoga perspective I get the Ethers and Sound and Light technology sounds alot like yoga, especially when you ponder on mantra and the Light of the Soul.  So my career and my yoga practice are actually closely connected.  Great I can keep on marketing fun microphone products like the Shure SM58.

What are the daily tasks you find yourself doing throughout your life??  Odds are they are a reflection of the work of your Soul.

Ayurvedic Cleanse

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This past week I underwent a brief Ayurvedic Cleanse.  I took this on at the suggestion of my friend the nutritional counselor, Suzanne Monroe.  It just so happened that this cleanse was also in my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training text book.  I basically eat nothing but Mung Beans and Rice with a little fruit in between from time to time, from Sunday evening through Thursda morning.

This is a cleanse which is very good for the digestive system.  After reading up on it some more I realized that it is probably best done in the winter time, because its rather firey.  The main challenge in this cleanse is the prep time.  It takes about 1.5+ hours to prepare this meal and I found myself needing to make another large batch on day 2 of the process.  I could have gone on longer, but I really didn’t have 5 hours during the week to put into food prep.

It’s kind of strange though, all day long we put hours upon hours into work and play.  But we tend to cut corners when it comes to providing ourselves with food that really nurishes our body.  We tend to cut corners with activity that really nurishes our body for that matter, activities like Kundalini Yoga ;-)

I intend to perform cleanses off an on for a while from here on out.  I suspect I’ll revisit the mung beans and rice one in the winter time.

If you are trying a cleanse for the first time, make sure you are cleared medically to do so and have proper guidance.

Prosperity Meditation: 40 Days

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I have a secret to tell you.  When I was a kid I used to play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends.  You know the role playing game where you would create fantasy people and go out on adventures, okay some would say we were dorks, but it was a blast.  Besides now we have the natural evolution of those games, video games.  Well in D&D and many video games for that matter, there is often a time of building up your character.  To do so one often has to do repetitive tasks, like conquering easily beaten creatures, or collecting quantities of something over and over again from specific locations.  But why do we do these things???

So that we can have kick ass characters.

But we all have character, right.  We are each our own character, so how do we develop ourselves so we can kick ass in life.

The technology of Kundalini Yoga provides the tools to develop our character to its utmost potential.  And so in the Spirit of my previous Character development, I have been continuing on with 40 day meditations or kriyas.  After 40 days the effects of a specific Kundalini Yoga kriya or meditation are firmly seeded within the brain.

For my recent meditation I choose the Meditation for Prosperity I.  It’s a beatiful meditation, which I really enjoyed doing.

My 40 days ended last week, time for the prosperity to come right.  Perhaps not exactly, our brakes needed replacing, we were assessed by our condo association and we just sent in our property taxes.  Hmmmm, where’s the prosperity.  But wait, the prosperity lies in having the available means to deal with these financial bumps in the road.

The additional benefit to this meditation is that it works the Neutral mind, which is the mind that assesses the positive of the negative and the negative of the positive then acts through intuition.  I must say, that since completing this meditation I’ve experienced a noticible change in 3rd eye activity.

So I’m hooked on these 40 day character development exercises.  To recap since I started, and now completed, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, I’ve performed 40 days on the following:

Next I think I’ll move on to my Negative Mind, possibly blend or overlap that with a kriya for foundational work unto Infinity.

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