Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing- Energy Healing through Laying of the Hands

The healing practice of Reiki is a wonderful thing. If you take a look at my background you will see that a Reiki Healing session magically opened my eyes to the potentail that lies within our chakra energy system. After an experience like that I knew I was destined to study reiki as well. I am a certified level II Reiki Practicioner. My family and friends enjoy that fact that they have built in healing hands when their body ailes them. But what exactly is this form of energetic healing…

What is Reiki

I am speaking from memory at my instruction class, so I apologize if this is not 100% accurate. I supose lengends tend to get some what questioned as they are passed down.

Let’s take the components of the word to deconstruct its meaning:

  • Rei- As in Ra, the Egyptian God, or a Ray of energy
  • Ki- as in Chi, or life force

So we have life force energy. Now this life force energy gets channeled primarily through the practicioners hands. It is through the laying of the hands from an attuned practicioner to an individual that the healing takes place. When one performs a reiki session a large amount of heat is felt between the hands and the area they are focused on. The heat being felt is through the transference of energy from the reiki healer to the peron being healed. (A true healer is the one that actually gets healed, the practicioner is merely a channel for healing.)

One is able to perform a reiki healing session by getting attuned via a Level III Reiki Master. The attunement process consists of “tuning in” an individual to the healing frequency of Reiki. Much of this process has to do with Reiki symbols. If you are interested in these symbols, might I suggest signing up for a Reiki attunement! There are several resources on these symbols, but they are simply not important without the attunment.
Reiki was first enabled by a man named Dr. Mikao Usui. (I suspect many would suggest that the Christ the first of humanity to heal using reiki.) Dr. Usui was a man of Christ who believed the Bible stories essentially word for word. One day a student of his asked if he believed that Jesus Christ could heal with his hands.

Dr. Usui did agree that Jesus Christ could heal with his hands, but the student wanted proof of such a thing. So Dr. Usui set out to prove it.

He meditated on a mountaintop for several days. Upon the final day of his meditation several ancient and magical symbols appeared before him. These symbols served as the means to attune Dr. Usui to the healing vibration of Reiki, healing life force energy. On his way down from the mountain top he performed many miracles, healing is peeled back big toe nail as well as healing the exposed tooth nerve of a local girl, all this he did with his hands.

And so he set off and proved that it is possible to heal with ones hands. Not only that, Dr. Usui was now capable of passing on what he had learned. He attuned others to Reiki and now all qualified Reiki practicioners have a lineage that traces back to Dr. Usui.

(On a side note I had a 5th Chakra ping, as I was writting this content. As my communication center it is safe to say that it is operating effectively)

Reiki Healing in Wisconsin

Reiki is a great way to work with ones chakras and to help encourage blockages to move. I often times reiki myself just for that very reason :-) How fortunate am I to have the gift of Reiki, thanks Esther, Arline et. all.

Reiki is a wonderful thing and after sessions students feel very energized. They ought to, they are recieving a shot of healing life force energy. For aches, pains, and chakra blockages I suggest giving Reiki healing a try. There have also been studies done on Reiki’s ability to assist Cancer patients through treatments. Reiki is becoming more and more common place in hospitals, with nurses becoming attuned to assist with pain.
If you live in Wisconsin and are looking for an alternative source of healing I suggest visiting the following folks:

  1. Esther Turner
  2. Arline Rowden

Of course you can always comment on this and I can get you in touch with a Reiki Healer, which could be me :)

6 Responses

  1. Theresa Says:

    I found this website quite by accident. I had picked up a book at the library called Meditation as Medicine which I found interesting and started surfing the net to find out more about meditation. The book mentioned Kundalini and yoga. I too am having a problem with thyroid aand enjoyed reading that perhaps reiki may help. I will give it a try as well as trying meditation and yoga for relaxation.T

  2. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam Theresa

    I’m pleased you happened upon this site. Let us know how the Reiki goes. Another means to supplement thyroid support is with Kundalini Yoga kriyas that target the thyroid area.

    If you look up a KRI registered Kundalini Yoga Teacher in your area they can provide you some solid guidance.

  3. sam Says:

    I have thyroid can u please provide me some solid guidance.
    I am certified level 1 and level 11 reiki practicioner thinking about doing masters.
    I love Reiki and i do reiki on friends and family and I also have stopped taking medicine for my aches and pain.
    Reiki has helped me in many ways.

  4. Krishan Says:


    I am thinking of doing level III Reiki as well, it is great for aches and pains.

    I’m not personally formally equiped to provide you solid guidance. However, I would suggest you take in a Kundalini Yoga class. Ask the teacher about kriyas that focus on the 5th and 6th chakras. The 5th is in the area of the thyroid and the 6th is for the pituitary gland which is the master gland.

    here are some good vibes for the healing ~ ~ ~

  5. mugi Says:

    how to learn healing power and how to use healing power we know this site

  6. Michelle Says:

    I am looking for a Reiki healer in the Madison area.

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