Yamas Definitions

1st Chakra- Root, 2nd Chakra- Creativity, 3rd Chakra- Power, 4th Chakra- Heart Center, 5th Chakra- Communication, 6th Chakra- Intuition, 7th Chakra- Divine, Raja Yoga, Science of Yoga, Yoga Glossary No Comments

The 5 Yamas are essentially restraints upon the Raja Yoga path.

I’ve been defining them here over the past several months, so I thought an overview post would be in order.  I shall also provide a little perspective on how the Yamas interact with our chakras, please note this perspective is generated by my intuition.  I welcome feedback.

Ahimsa- Non-violence.  I believe non violence works to properly balance our third chakra because we do not force power over another by practicing.  It also inhibits the creation of a certain type of karma that is typically viewed as negative karma.
Satya- speaking about what is true. My perspective is that this balances our 5th chakra, or communication center.  For when we speak about what is True, in the True sense of the matter, we are sending forth a powerful positive vibration.
Asteya- non stealing.  I believe this is another means of balancing our power centers.  Here we are only using the resources which are rightfully ours.  I suspect it is when the survival or 1st chakra is out of balance that the urge to steal comes to being.
Bramacharya- moving toward Brahma.  From a conservation of sexual energy perspective, I believe this balances the svadhisthana chakra.  From a moving towards God or Brahma perspective, I would say that the 7th or Divine Chakra is utilized.
Aparigraho- non grasping.  The center this focuses on is not obvious to me, I would say if one truly knows themselves they are centered in themselves, and perhaps this type of centering is the work of the heart chakra and perhaps ones mind stays within and does not attach itself to the external which would seem to be a function of the third eye.
These 5 together make up the Yamas.  The Yamas should be practiced as one of the steps of the 8 limbs of yoga.  We find within them very clean means to balance the chakras.
May the yamas server you well.

First Chakra, Grounding for the Earth

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As we celebrate Earth Day, we focus our energy towards grounding and healing the planet, as well as ourselves.

Oh yeah, another great reason to live in Madison is our attention to the environment. Earth day was founded right here by our former Governor Nelson.

In reviewing this site I noticed that I had been lacking in my focus on the root chakra. This center is of importance for it helps to ground people in the energies of the Earth Plane.

Kundalini Yoga has many exercizes one can do to faciliate energy flow through the first chakra. Standing poses in general work on grounding, and as such strengthen the first chakra.

But there are many other typical daily activities that we has humans can do in order to work our root, or base chakra.

Walking is one of the best things for the first center. Go figure so many people tell ya to get out and walk. Just think, with each step you take you become more connected to the Earth.
Being out in nature is also a means to increase the flow of energy through the base center. Camping is a great means to achieve this, but things like spending times along the lakes (Madison is great for this with the isthmus and all,) or hiking through mountains are also great for this center.
One thing I need to do soon is get into some planting. Nurturing plants from seed, placing them into the ground, and maintaining can be very theraputic. In fact one can imagine the roots of that which is planted forming the foundation of ones roots in this world. The stronger and healthier the plant the more solid ones personal foundation.
I probably should also note, that the root chakra has to do with survival. As such, when one is balanced in that center it tends to manifest as financial resources as well, since finances are a key point for survival in the present era.

With that being said, go for a walk, connect with the earth, may you be grounded and secure in your environment.

Muladhara- 1st Chakra (Base)

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First Chakra

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, it is said that the Kundalini serpent (Shakti) lies coiled there waiting to be released and Merged with Shiva in the crown center. The color of this base energy center is red and its orientation is that of survival. It is the animal instinct which lies within all of us that urges us to survive.

People that do not have enough flow of energy through this chakra do not feel as though they are secure in the world, there daily life is a battle just to stay above water and they are typically on edge.

This center has to due with elimination, when energy flows freely through this center one is able to release, and let go, of that which could slow them down.

Benefits of a Balanced First Chakra

  • Sense of groundedness
  • Security
  • A stable base from which to move forward

The 1st chakra is ever so important because it allows us to feel connected to the earth. It is the first chakra that tells us to walk bare foot on the beach, it is the first charkra that tells us nature is a beautiful thing. And it is the 1st chakra that helps those more spiritually inclined to keep their feet on the ground as their head dances in the clouds.