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For my most recently completed 40 day kundalini yoga kriya, I practiced Nabhi kriya.  Nabhi kriya focuses on working the 3rd chakra, or navel center, or power center, it works your core.  The navel point is the source of our nurishment when we are in the womb of our mothers.  In yoga the navel point is the center where a human draws power to be used by the other centers. 

I added the breath of fire as a pranayam warm up prior to the kriya.  I figured hey, if I’m working on the fire in the belly, I might as well practice the breath of fire as well.  In hind sight I should have practiced a more cooling pranayam.  My body constitution, or dosha, is that of a kapha which means water.  I suspect the breath of fire, plus the belly fire work was somewhat counter balancing to my constitution.  I felt very firey, and wasn’t cooling myself off much during my practice. 

I was glad to have practiced this kriya for 40 days.  It absolutely provided a inflow of energy, which is needed from time to time. 

I supplemented this 40 day kriya with a 40 day meditation, from Yogi Bhajan’s book, The Mind- Creating Art by Projecting into the Future.  I weaved these together in order to channel the Nabhi energy into my projections of the future.  I’ll let ya know how they turn out when I get there ;-)

Keep up and keep practicing!


Yamas Definitions

1st Chakra- Root, 2nd Chakra- Creativity, 3rd Chakra- Power, 4th Chakra- Heart Center, 5th Chakra- Communication, 6th Chakra- Intuition, 7th Chakra- Divine, Raja Yoga, Science of Yoga, Yoga Glossary No Comments

The 5 Yamas are essentially restraints upon the Raja Yoga path.

I’ve been defining them here over the past several months, so I thought an overview post would be in order.  I shall also provide a little perspective on how the Yamas interact with our chakras, please note this perspective is generated by my intuition.  I welcome feedback.

Ahimsa- Non-violence.  I believe non violence works to properly balance our third chakra because we do not force power over another by practicing.  It also inhibits the creation of a certain type of karma that is typically viewed as negative karma.
Satya- speaking about what is true. My perspective is that this balances our 5th chakra, or communication center.  For when we speak about what is True, in the True sense of the matter, we are sending forth a powerful positive vibration.
Asteya- non stealing.  I believe this is another means of balancing our power centers.  Here we are only using the resources which are rightfully ours.  I suspect it is when the survival or 1st chakra is out of balance that the urge to steal comes to being.
Bramacharya- moving toward Brahma.  From a conservation of sexual energy perspective, I believe this balances the svadhisthana chakra.  From a moving towards God or Brahma perspective, I would say that the 7th or Divine Chakra is utilized.
Aparigraho- non grasping.  The center this focuses on is not obvious to me, I would say if one truly knows themselves they are centered in themselves, and perhaps this type of centering is the work of the heart chakra and perhaps ones mind stays within and does not attach itself to the external which would seem to be a function of the third eye.
These 5 together make up the Yamas.  The Yamas should be practiced as one of the steps of the 8 limbs of yoga.  We find within them very clean means to balance the chakras.
May the yamas server you well.

Gain Personal Power with Yoga- Class #4

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Let’s face it, the demands of todays society can cause some wear and tear on an individual.

How big is your “to do list?” I am sure there is plenty on that list, one of my to do’s stares at me each time I author a post here, (I have half a dozen blog post ideas saved as drafts, I’ll crank them out in time.)

Instead of focusing on how to relax the body and mind, I thought it may be appropriate to lead a class focused on increasing a sense of personal power.

Personal Power Yoga

In order to gain personal power through yoga we must focus on our core.  We will be targeting our mid section through a series of exercizes, such as leg raises.  There will also be some body lenthening stretches to perform.
This kriya will focus on empowering our navel centers.  Our navel centers are the first point from which we gained nurishment.  The navel is responsible for supplying our bodies with energy.  Our core also serves as a primarly location of physical balance for an individual as they move from here to there.  One could say that our core holds a bit of confidence in it as well.
Many times the stomach aches we experience as a result of “stress” is really just an imbalance in our navel power.  That is to say, a feeling as though we are unable to affect the conditions around us.  Stress is a natural occurance in daily life, in fact it is necessary for survival and growth.  How we deal with stress is another story.

I propose that Yoga is an excellent means of dealing with stress and that personal power sets support this.

Benefits of Increased Personal Power

  • Sense of control in ones life
  • Knowledge to understand how to effect change in ones environment
  • Efficient use of energy, putting first things first and achieving the most important items with exactly the amount of effort that is required
  • Self confidence to communicate with

I do so hope you can attend, this is one of my favorite sets to perform in the morning when I need to have my game face on :-)

Be well


(Class Kriya will be presented from the Master Your Domain set provided by Shakta Kaur Khalsa, in the book Kundalini Yoga, Unlock your inner potential through life-changine exercise. Published by Dorling Kindersley Publishing, 2001)

Manipura- 3rd Chakra (Power Center)

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Third Chakra- Manipura (Personal Power)

The 3rd Chakra is located in the belly. It is the seat of ones personal power. It directly affects ones ability to project their will into manifestation. This center is one that is constantly challenged in humanity . The majority of people are constantly having their power chakras challenged weather it be at work, in our relationships, or simply within ourselves. Power struggles are contsant in our daily grind. An under active third chakra can lead to a true feeling of powerlessness. An over active 3rd center can be just as detrimental as an under active one and may result in the over powering of others, typically for selfish desire.
The root of this problem stems from not transfering the energy of the 3rd center up through the heart center. The power that stems from the third chakra, balanced in love will lead humanity to a grand state of peace and well being.

The 3rd center is commonly associated with the “core” balancing activities that many aerobics focus on. The focus on this core, or power center, allows people to feel in control of their own destiny. As it is located in the belly it is also tied into the digestive system. When we are stressed we tend to get indigestion, which is merely a symptom of an unbalanced 3rd chakra.
This energy center is typically associated with the color Yellow, or Gold.

Benefits of a Balanced 3rd Chakra

  • Properly porportioned sense of self
  • Ability to influence/change ones surrounding environment
  • Strong digestive system
  • Core stability

As the power center this chakra helps to regulate the flow of energy to the other centers. By clearing this chakra of imbalances we can operate powerfully in our environment. This leads to an improved sense of self, and self esteem, which in turns increases our ability to help others.

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