Heart Center Opener (ing)

40 Days, 4th Chakra- Heart Center 2 Comments

Staying true to my sadhana, I’ve completed a 40 day kriya, Heart Center Opener.

It was a lovely kriya I must say.  I live in the Midwest, which is considered to be the Heart land of America.  We’ve been getting blasted the past year with snow and rain.  Esoterically speaking this is a cleansing of the heart center.  In order to get more in tune with America, I decided to take on the Heart Center Opener kriya.

As a man thinkith in his heart so he is, or something like that.  This kriya has helped me to get more in touch with my heart center, to use this center of being for more guidance in my life.  The more people in the heart land of America, that can get in tune with their heart centers, the more we can collectively help to guide America forward in the Age of Aquarius.

Sat Nam


Power Core Kundalini Yoga Work

3rd Chakra- Power, 40 Days 4 Comments

For my most recently completed 40 day kundalini yoga kriya, I practiced Nabhi kriya.  Nabhi kriya focuses on working the 3rd chakra, or navel center, or power center, it works your core.  The navel point is the source of our nurishment when we are in the womb of our mothers.  In yoga the navel point is the center where a human draws power to be used by the other centers. 

I added the breath of fire as a pranayam warm up prior to the kriya.  I figured hey, if I’m working on the fire in the belly, I might as well practice the breath of fire as well.  In hind sight I should have practiced a more cooling pranayam.  My body constitution, or dosha, is that of a kapha which means water.  I suspect the breath of fire, plus the belly fire work was somewhat counter balancing to my constitution.  I felt very firey, and wasn’t cooling myself off much during my practice. 

I was glad to have practiced this kriya for 40 days.  It absolutely provided a inflow of energy, which is needed from time to time. 

I supplemented this 40 day kriya with a 40 day meditation, from Yogi Bhajan’s book, The Mind- Creating Art by Projecting into the Future.  I weaved these together in order to channel the Nabhi energy into my projections of the future.  I’ll let ya know how they turn out when I get there ;-)

Keep up and keep practicing!


Foundation for Infinity and more..

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So I’m hooked on this 40 day yoga Kriya and or meditation thing.

I just completed a 40 day Foundation for Infinity Set, which provides grounding and an experience of the Infinite.

I’ve moved onto my next 40 day, which is a combination Nabhi Kriya, (Navel Point set) followed with a meditation to work the positive mind.  One thing I am finding in my series of 40 day sets is that sometimes in the middle or toward the end of a 40 day I am realizing that I need some work in some other areas as well.  For example, I am really in need of some Navel Power right now, in fact I’ve been in need for sometime, but I was comitted to the 40 day foundation for Infinity, which really didn’t focus on navel power, so I put the navel power on hold.  While I may be getting some navel work in now, I suspect I should have supplemented with perhaps some evening exercises to get me through the 40 day.

The more in tune I become with my energy field the more I realize how adjustements can be made by using the Kundalini Yoga technology.

I do have to admit that for these 40 day’s I’ve not always followed them with a complete Aquarian Sadhana meditation series.  Perhaps the meditation would help, but there is not much navel power seated in easy pose.

As far as my Foundation goes, I have flipped my perspective on how I set my foundation.  Traditionally one likes to think of roots as their foundation and roots run through the legs and into the ground.  In some side reading I’ve been doing I like to think of my foundation like the Tree of Life.  In it’s true form the Tree of Life has it’s roots upside down, from our perspective.  It’s roots are rooted firmly in heaven while it’s leaves fall upon the Earth.    The roots are extensions of the crown center.  It’s a powerful image.

Prosperity Meditation: 40 Days

40 Days, Kundalini Meditations 4 Comments

I have a secret to tell you.  When I was a kid I used to play Dungeons & Dragons with my friends.  You know the role playing game where you would create fantasy people and go out on adventures, okay some would say we were dorks, but it was a blast.  Besides now we have the natural evolution of those games, video games.  Well in D&D and many video games for that matter, there is often a time of building up your character.  To do so one often has to do repetitive tasks, like conquering easily beaten creatures, or collecting quantities of something over and over again from specific locations.  But why do we do these things???

So that we can have kick ass characters.

But we all have character, right.  We are each our own character, so how do we develop ourselves so we can kick ass in life.

The technology of Kundalini Yoga provides the tools to develop our character to its utmost potential.  And so in the Spirit of my previous Character development, I have been continuing on with 40 day meditations or kriyas.  After 40 days the effects of a specific Kundalini Yoga kriya or meditation are firmly seeded within the brain.

For my recent meditation I choose the Meditation for Prosperity I.  It’s a beatiful meditation, which I really enjoyed doing.

My 40 days ended last week, time for the prosperity to come right.  Perhaps not exactly, our brakes needed replacing, we were assessed by our condo association and we just sent in our property taxes.  Hmmmm, where’s the prosperity.  But wait, the prosperity lies in having the available means to deal with these financial bumps in the road.

The additional benefit to this meditation is that it works the Neutral mind, which is the mind that assesses the positive of the negative and the negative of the positive then acts through intuition.  I must say, that since completing this meditation I’ve experienced a noticible change in 3rd eye activity.

So I’m hooked on these 40 day character development exercises.  To recap since I started, and now completed, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, I’ve performed 40 days on the following:

Next I think I’ll move on to my Negative Mind, possibly blend or overlap that with a kriya for foundational work unto Infinity.

Surya Kriya: Channel the Energy of the Sun

40 Days 5 Comments

For my Teacher Training practicum class I taught Surya kriya to the group.  It is a lovely set that focuses on brining in Sun energy, hence the name Surya.

In order to improve my teaching ability for the class I started doing a 40 day practice of Surya Kriya, which actually just ended.  Sun energy allows one to focus on many tasks at the same time, which I really need to excel at considering the creative endeavors which manifest through my mind.

One thing I really enjoyed about the 40 day practice was I felt I’ve begun to deepen my experience while performing Sat Kriya, which is a cornerstone Kundalini Yoga practice.

To add some flashing lights to the practice, one morning in meditation following the kriya, I had a vision of the Sun rising and shining brightly upon me.  Needless to say these communal experiences encourages one to continue with regular practice.

I’m going to take a short break from a 40 day and mix it up a little for a bit.  Sometimes I enjoy waking in the morning and simply doing the kriya that is called for on that particular day.  But now that I’ve deepened my yoga practice, I intend to perform a regular regimine of 40 day kriyas and meditations.  Stay tuned for those…