Snatam Kaur Concert, Chicago IL!

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I’m pleased to share that Snatam Kaur will be performing in Chicago Illinois, on March 27th.

At times like these I wished I lived in Chicago again.   I hear that everyone who attends her concerts are changed.  In fact one of my fellow Teacher Trainees mentioned that the reason he signed up for the course was an experience from a Snatam Concert.

March 27th 2008   7PM – 9Pm

General Admission- $25

Portage Park Center for the Arts
3914 North Menard Ave.
Chicago, IL 60634

Call Spirit Voyage Music 1-888-735-4800



Snatam Kaur is one of the most popular New Age artists of our time, selling over 50,000 albums a year.

“We come to Snatam’s concerts to experience a beautiful atmosphere her voice creates, to heal and to grow.”

Check out her audio clips, here.


As my yoga instructor Shiva Singh likes to say, “no one regrets participating, just missing it.”

Sign up today! 

Yamas Definitions

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The 5 Yamas are essentially restraints upon the Raja Yoga path.

I’ve been defining them here over the past several months, so I thought an overview post would be in order.  I shall also provide a little perspective on how the Yamas interact with our chakras, please note this perspective is generated by my intuition.  I welcome feedback.

Ahimsa- Non-violence.  I believe non violence works to properly balance our third chakra because we do not force power over another by practicing.  It also inhibits the creation of a certain type of karma that is typically viewed as negative karma.
Satya- speaking about what is true. My perspective is that this balances our 5th chakra, or communication center.  For when we speak about what is True, in the True sense of the matter, we are sending forth a powerful positive vibration.
Asteya- non stealing.  I believe this is another means of balancing our power centers.  Here we are only using the resources which are rightfully ours.  I suspect it is when the survival or 1st chakra is out of balance that the urge to steal comes to being.
Bramacharya- moving toward Brahma.  From a conservation of sexual energy perspective, I believe this balances the svadhisthana chakra.  From a moving towards God or Brahma perspective, I would say that the 7th or Divine Chakra is utilized.
Aparigraho- non grasping.  The center this focuses on is not obvious to me, I would say if one truly knows themselves they are centered in themselves, and perhaps this type of centering is the work of the heart chakra and perhaps ones mind stays within and does not attach itself to the external which would seem to be a function of the third eye.
These 5 together make up the Yamas.  The Yamas should be practiced as one of the steps of the 8 limbs of yoga.  We find within them very clean means to balance the chakras.
May the yamas server you well.

Kirtan with Ragani is a Great Experience

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My family and I were very fortunate to attend a Kirtan with Ragani last night at Madison’s Overture Center.  It was my first Kirtan in this lifetime, and WOW what an experience.  It was like attending a rock concert, and jacking up the group energy ten times.

Kirtan is essentially yoga chanting.  That’s right, one session is just like having a group yoga practice.

Kirtan is an excellent 5th chakra workout.  But in reality it energizes the entire chakra energy system.  This is why people enjoy going to concerts and dancing so much, it allows the charka system to flow very nicely with the music.  The science behind Kirtan is deeper than I am able to explore at this time, but I shall soon enough.  The science of sound (nada yoga) is one of the most sacred and vast subjects, for Ragani and her band to take us through this spiritual journey together is truly amazing.
It is said that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God, or something along those lines.  And thus through sound the Universe came into manifestation.

In her bio Ragani notes that she trained under Swami Rama, a Yoga Master of the Himalayan tradition.  What’s that you say, right here in Wisconsin there is access to a Kirtan of this nature?  Yes, the heart land is, well, filled with heart and as such more and more people that ressonate with this energy are drawn to it.  This energy is also very much so why Madison Wisconsin is viewed as a Yoga Haven.

It was very special for me to be able to share this experience with my lovely future bride and my daughter.  My little one has a natural affinity for performing, and it is nice for her to have Ragani and this experience to look up to.

I am pumped to get to another Kirtan event!  I’ll be sure to post them from time to time here as a reference resource for ya.

Thyroid Disease- Kundalini Yoga as Preventative Maintenance

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Thyroid Disease

It has come to my attention that a good number of individuals suffer from Thyroid Disease, of some sort or another, and it appears as though women are more likely to have difficulties than men. Weather it is an underactive thyroid, or an overactive thyroid the imbalance in the endocrine system is simply devistating to ones health. This ailment faces my mother and one of my co-workers as well, so it really hits home for me.

As I work through my studies of Kundalini Yoga I am researching the human endocrine system, and outlining some thoughts for chakra-neuroendocrinology, (a science that the yogis have understood for some time, but requires additional Western study.)

My study now takes me to the Thyroid. I seek to gain an understanding of its function and make the case for Kundalini Yoga as a Preventative Maintenance program to keep thyroid disease and disorders away. (Yoga is a maintenance program for the body, mental, emotional and spiritual, as well, but let’s stay focused on this aspect for the time.)

In my previous post on chakra-neuroendocrinology I referenced a resource book that is helping me understand the system. My high level overviews of the tyroid, based on the book, and other insights are as follows:

The thyroid is related to the 5th chakra, or center of communication located around the throat. It is good to keep in mind that the element associated with the 5th chakra is ether. Technically speaking all of our chakras are rooted on the subtle plane of the ethers and bridge the vital gap into physical manifestation. But the 5th chakra is of much interest to etheric relations. It makes one ponder upon the etheric implications of under active and over active 5th chakras.

The human thyroid is the gland that is very closely associated with metabolism. “A primary role of the thyroid is to increase energy expenditure and thermo-genesis.”
That being said the pituitary gland, (or Master Gland,) is responsible for stimulating the thyroid hormone secretion. An imbalance in the thyroid or pituitary gland can lead to challenges in the system.

Hypothyroidism- Underactive thyroid

This implies an individual has thyroid hormone levels that are too low for proper flow in the endocrine system. A common cause of this is the presence of antithyroid antibodies. A common symptom of this is sluggishness, (yoga helps make the body move.)
Hyperthyrodism- Overactive thyroid

This implies that an individual has thyroid levels that are higher than appropriate for the proper flow of energy. There are technically 2 types of this disorder, the type that is caused from within the body and the type that is caused from outside of the body. A common symptom of this is weight loss. This dis-ease can also lead to increased speed in mental processes, but with the propensity to create errors within the thinking. Again, one cause of this is a mis-aligned anti body within the system.

Preventative Thyroid Maintenance

It is my thinking that Yoga, (I am partial to Kundalini but all forms of Yoga are appropriate,) is the optimal means of preventing thyroid disease and disorders. It’s kind of like a car, one takes in their car on a regular basis so that maintenance work can be done. The result of this maintenance is a car that runs smoother, lasts longer and is less likely to die on you. The same is true of the human body and they thyroid.

Kundalini Yoga provides lovely specific means to maintain proper balance within the thyroid. The best way to cure thyroid disease is to never allow the root cause to develop in the first place, thus I stress maintenance.

Food that nurtures the Thyroid

Eating the right foods is also important for proper flow through the thyroid.  Mark Hyman M.D. has noticed that thyroid disorders are on the rise, and he brings an interesting and valid perspective as to the cause.  He focuses more on the environmental and dietary factors that enter into the thyroid system:

“For example, food allergies, like sensitivities to gluten and other foods, also negatively affect thyroid function-and are frequently undiagnosed.  Likewise, deficiencies in nutrients important to good thyroid function-like selenium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids. and iodine and tyrosine-can trigger thyroid problems.”

Fight Thyroid Disease

Mark Hyman has very sound tips for fighting thyroid disease.  I would suggest that we focus on preventing them in the first place.

But if you find yourself in a situation where you need to fight the dis-ease review his suggestions and might I suggest integrating a strong Kundalini Yoga practice into your life cycle.

I have another future proposed test for testing the validity of healing via chakra-neuroendocrinology. There are a couple tests that can be done to measure the levels of thyroid hormones in ones system. I propose a controlled test with 3 groups:

  1. Group of people with over active thyroid (n=60)
  2. Group of peoplw with under active thyroid (n=60)
  3. Control group (n=60)

Measure the levels of thyroid hormone prior to testing. One half of each group will live out their lives normally, or under go the typical Western treatment. The second half will practice Kundalini Yoga on a Daily basis with a strong focus on 5th chakra exercizes and a little 6th chakra work here and ther. (We could add thyroid specific eating into the equation at a future date perhaps.)

I find it interesting that one of my first major energetic blockages in this life time, that I was consciously aware of, was in my throat center. (Sarah, thanks again for the release.)

The timing of this post is also rather interesting, as I am 18 days into a 40 Kundalini Yoga kriya that focuses on the 5th chakra.

It is my sincere hope that this info gets shared with others.  Should you know someone that may benefit, please pass this along to them!  Please let me know what you think of this article?

I hope it is of value.

Sat Nam


The Chakra Energy System is hear and Now

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I have come across an interesting perspective on chakras. Essentially this one gentleman took a class on Chakras that peaked his interest. However, he remains hesitant to believe 100%. It really got me thinking. (First off I really appreciate his perspective on this.) I would imagine that many folks are at this type of a situation within their own evolution. They have been experimenting with Yoga and other holistic paths, yet they simply have not reached the tipping point of belief.

I personally believe it will take less than 20 – 30 years for chakras to become mainstream, as yoga has. In fact I am going to make one of the purposes of this website to bring knowledge of chakras more into the mainstream among health practicioners and scientists alike.

What I do think is needed is a slightly different approach to the chakra energy system than the in your face, let’s open and start balancing your chakras. I always was fond of science. Let’s talk about matter for a moment. Scientists will agree that matter is a collection of protons, nutrons and electrons. Therefore, at one of its most scaled down states the human body (which is a form of matter) is nothing more than just energy.

Okay so our bodies are just energy. Second of all, scientists will agree that brain activity and the reactions of the nervous system have an electrical interplay, that is to say an activity initiated in the brain is passed down throughout the body via energetic transmissions.

Scientists have also taught me that our central nervous system contains the core functions, which happens to lie right down the spinal column.

Now that being said I would propose a hypothesis to scientists, that throughout our spinal column lie 7 centers of energy that the yogis call Chakras.

I would propose that the Chakra energy system is here and NOW. Not only that it has always been here and now, just perhaps in a different view. (Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on your ones own point of view- Obi Wan Kenobi)

As energitic healing and knowledge of the chakras become proven via scientific method, we shall indeed see chakras becoming more and more mainstream. With the mainstream knowledge and appreciation of the chakras will come new forms of healing and a spiritual up liftment that will bring in the New Age.

May healing and knowledge of Self flow.

Sat Nam,


(I’ve placed this into the 5th Chakra category as it is a communication about the Chakras)

Vishuddha- 5th Chakra (Communication Center)

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Fifth Chakra- Vishuddha (Communication Center)

The 5th chakra is the center of communcation and is appropriately positioned within the throat. It is from the throat center that we are able to express ourselves properly in the world. The throat center can also be said to be a center of truth. By operating from a balanced 5th chakra we are able to speak the truth and articulate our intentions well.

Many of the inter relationship challenges that humans face has to do with a miss-communication, or a non-optimal flow of energy through the 5th charka. When the throat center is out of balance it can manifest as impure words, or false statements. An overactive communication center can lead to the need to constantly express oneself even if the timing is not appropriate.

Communication is so important for us to progress as a group of people together.

One thing to keep in mind is that in order to properly express ourselves through our 5th center we must be able to integrate the impressions given by the rest of our chakras and with balance express them via the 5th chakra. Since the act of communication is actually our creative ability to interact with one another, a properly balanced 5th chakra will help to facilitate the creativity brought forth from the second chakra.

Benefits of a Balanced 5th Chakra

  • Expression of the truth, ones words hold weight with others
  • A creative outlet via communication, spoken, written or otherwise
  • Confidence in the ability to express oneself
  • Access to the Etheric communication

In our society it seems as though one is always struggling to get their voice heard. When one has balance in the 5th center, an interesting coincidence is that one may find that their need to communicate with frequency reduces, but the power of their word increases.

If we can collectively improve our 5th chakras we can collectively improve the relations between one another, brother to brother, individual to individual, group to group, country to country. May it be so.

Sat Nam