Automn Equinox- Energetic Shift

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The Automn Equinox brought with it a powerful energetic shift this year.

I witnessed it first hand in my life and the lives of many around me.  I personally noted the most powerful shift around me on September 26th, the day of the full moon.

Guru Rattana, Ph.D., of YogaTech comments on this shift:



The Sun moves into Libra the moment of the Autumnal equinox September 23. The Full Moon closest to the fall equinox is called the Harvest Moon. This year the Harvest Full Moon is in Aries. The Aries Full Moon illuminates the changes that have transpired in our lives since the last Full Moon/lunar eclipse and the last New Moon/solar eclipse.

Eclipses signal major changes and transformation. Everyone I have talked to has experienced some type of significant shift in their lives. What has shifted in your life? The Aries Full Moon helps us see more clearly what we need to do to integrate the changes and to move forward.


My change, or shift has occurred in the office.  It is encouraging to understand that the Aires full moon helps point the way for the integration of change.  I will feel most pleased at the end of next week when the integration has completed itself.

Have you noted any shifts our changes in  your life recently?  Drop us a comment…