Raising Vibration, Let’s Kick it up a Notch

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The journey of raising vibration, for an individual, or group of individuals is of vital importance for evolution.

But hey, it can be a fun topic.  While I regularly talk about raising my vibration in my life, the idea to post about it was inspired by an Ordinary Mystic.  It turns out there was a little web fun, so I thought I’d participate some.

Raising Vibration- Five Ways by Krishan 

  1. Daily Sadhana, early morning Kundalini Yoga practice
  2. Meditation, focusing on brining in more light through meditation
  3. Just say no to alcohol and other depressants, by definition they slow down your rate of vibration (this one is very challenging in our current culture)
  4. Spiritual Reading, get books, lots and lots of books on Spirit, Yoga, Healing, Ancient Wisdom etc. and read read read
  5. Participate in group work, yoga, meditation, kirtan…the group energy works for the benefit of all, the unit as a whole is able to receive higher energies, especially when a rather evolved individual is among its members
  6. Spend loving time with family and friends, brothers and sisters (okay i know it said 5, but this one is important too)

The more soul infused one becomes the higher their rate of vibration.  The higher the vibration of an individual, the higher the vibration of the group, or groups that individual belongs to.  The higher the vibratory rates of the groups within humanity, the higher the vibration of Humanity.  The higher the vibration of Humanity the higher the vibration of the Planet.  This trend keeps stepping up levels as we take a macro perspective to things.

Just think, this chain of events can all start with just 1.  The 1 becomes the many.

Sat Nam

Not so Spontaneous Kundalini Rising

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The Yoga Journal came out with an interesting e-newsletter the other day. The title was Kundalini Rising.

I read on and noticed the following

“Recently I’ve heard of several people experiencing spontaneous kundalini awakenings. There seems to be a good deal of mystery, hearsay, and, in some cases, even fear surrounding this phenomenon.”

First of all there is no such thing as “Spontaneous” Kundalini Rising
The Law of Karma, Cause and Effect, is still in play. If one experiences a rising of Kundalini energy it is because that one has done work towards its rising, either in this life, or in the culmination of serveral lives.

As for the mystery, well, might I suggest one study Kundalini Yoga. I feel that the glamour of the mystery is removed by a steady practice and study of Kundalini Yoga.

I am not surprised by the recent trend of more frequent risings. The energies of Aquarius are transitioning into force now, and as the Water Bearer (who is actually an Air Sign) brings the Waters of Life more and more people are attuning themselves to the energies. I suspect from a certain point of view, one could also say that the energies are attuning more and more people as well.

The article on Is it Safe to Awaken the Snake has some interesting tid bits.

Personally I cannot imagine an awakening experience that is like a bad drug trip. I am not saying it is not possible, but I would suspect a person who experiences this may not have a properly prepared nervous system. I would suggest a Kundalini Yoga practice to help regulate the nervous system.

The article goes on to state that Western Hatha practicioners experience the awakening less often than others.  Might I suggest Kundalini Yoga if you are truly interested in the awakening process.  That being said Mr. Iyengar provides excellent perspective on how to work towards Union, or rising of the Kundalini
My view is that there is little one can do to “induce an awakening” it comes from a sound practice.  A Wise Teacher helps in the process as well.
Oh and if you are really reading the signs, you may come across the note that they Mayan Calander is set to end in 2012, at such time we are due in for an Awakening. I have a feeling that those who are experiencing rising Kundalini at this time will help faciliate the Awakening transition for humanity.

Stay tunned.

For Health and Wellness Create a Wellness Room

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The purpose of this entry is to inspire health and wellness.  The truth of the matter is, there are several small things that can be done to help foster both.  I came across this great little article via Beliefnet.

A high school in Camden Maine has created a wellness room.  I mean how simple is that “This is a Wellness Room”  By its very nature it will faciliate wellness.  This high school took it to the next step and have several students trained in Reiki, so that they could help facilitate the work of wellness.

It has been said that there is Good Will and the Will to do Good.  However, the Will to do Good tends to be more challenging that Good Will.  I think this simple concept of a Wellness Room is a small act of the Will to do Good.  I also believe that a series of several small acts such as these add up to a rather large sum in aggregate.

I shall create a Wellness Room in due time.

Well done folks, well done.

Anger Management Skills with Yoga

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Let’s face it, anger is a natural occurance in this day and age. It seems as though every day we have a choice as to if we want to let something make us angry or not. Sometimes what tends to happen is that something makes us angry, but we bury it deep inside and forget that we were angry in the first place. At a surface level this may seem as though we are happy, but that stuck emotion creates energetic blockages within our emotional, mental and even physical bodies.

One of the great things about Yoga, Kundalini Yoga specifically for me, but really all yoga, is that it provides an excellent outlet for the proper useage of anger.

Yoga- Anger Management Skills

  • Controlled breathing, or pranayama helps to facilitate the ability to calm ones self when stressful situations occur
  • Physical activity allows one to “work out” the anger in a positive manner, transference of that energy into a positive result of health and well being
  • Mind control facilitated by yoga assists an individual, so that they do not lash out when angry impulses come their way
  • Emotional healing associated with exercizing the various chakras, helps to flow stuck emotions, or anger through ones system so it does not get locked in place

I came up with the idea for this post, because I am back into my teacher training program, with Lisa Lawrance after my long stretch of having a thron in my hand.
During the Tuesday Twilight yoga class Lisa lead us through a kriya on anger management. It was a great set, it worked our 3rd chakra, and helped balance the energies across our bodies. I especially liked the alternate punching portion, through an O mouth to the breath of fire.

An interesting thing happened to me during and after the session. Now I like to think of myself as a pretty happy guy. I don’t get angry and carry it around with me, right? Wrong, wrong wrong. What’s so interesting is that it wasn’t last night that the emotion came up in me. It was this morning during my meditation session. So there I was deeeeeep into the mind, conscious, sub-conscious where ever it may have been. Then all the sudden I became aware of a little energetic interplay going on between my energy centers, most specifically around the heart center. Now only bits and pieces came down into my conscious awareness, but I came to realize that I was working through some anger.

It was a great interplay, I was amazed at how the emotion just simply gets stuck within the body. And thanks to a Kundalini Yoga practice, I am able to help move those stuck emotions and transform them into a positive.
How has yoga helped you to control anger in the past?

Chakra Information Online

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As every day goes by I am more an more encouraged by the online communities interest in the chakra energy system.

Erin Pavlina has provided some good quick overview chakra information as well as a useful exercise for helping to open ones chakras. Erin uses the concept of “clogged chakras” as opposed to blocked chakras. I tend to prefer the blocked term, since it communicates that they are able to be unblocked, but it is simply rhetoric.

Erin provides a useful cleansing exercise …”Sit quietly in a chair or lay down. I like to listen to meditation music but that’s not required. You could even light a candle. Knock yourself out. Locate your root chakra and imagine a red energy spinning clockwise in that location. “… visit her site for more info.

I’ve also just come across an article that details information on Chakras, Reiki and the Endocrine System. Now I’ve mentioned Reiki Healing for Chakras, in the past so this article really caught my attention.

An interesting note from the article is as follows

“In a Reiki treatment the hand positions correspond with the body’s endocrine glandular system and the seven main chakras. “

I was very pumped about this article because it has to do with the Endocrine system. I hope to create some additional content on this site over time about the Chakra system and how it ties into our Endocrine system. I will be sure to follow up.
It is my sincere hope that information about Chakras online spreads like a fire across the internet. I believe we will see a steady ramp up of exposure about the charkra energy system over the course of the next several years, to a point where it will simply become integrated into our world society as a daily part of life.

The Chakra Energy System is hear and Now

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I have come across an interesting perspective on chakras. Essentially this one gentleman took a class on Chakras that peaked his interest. However, he remains hesitant to believe 100%. It really got me thinking. (First off I really appreciate his perspective on this.) I would imagine that many folks are at this type of a situation within their own evolution. They have been experimenting with Yoga and other holistic paths, yet they simply have not reached the tipping point of belief.

I personally believe it will take less than 20 – 30 years for chakras to become mainstream, as yoga has. In fact I am going to make one of the purposes of this website to bring knowledge of chakras more into the mainstream among health practicioners and scientists alike.

What I do think is needed is a slightly different approach to the chakra energy system than the in your face, let’s open and start balancing your chakras. I always was fond of science. Let’s talk about matter for a moment. Scientists will agree that matter is a collection of protons, nutrons and electrons. Therefore, at one of its most scaled down states the human body (which is a form of matter) is nothing more than just energy.

Okay so our bodies are just energy. Second of all, scientists will agree that brain activity and the reactions of the nervous system have an electrical interplay, that is to say an activity initiated in the brain is passed down throughout the body via energetic transmissions.

Scientists have also taught me that our central nervous system contains the core functions, which happens to lie right down the spinal column.

Now that being said I would propose a hypothesis to scientists, that throughout our spinal column lie 7 centers of energy that the yogis call Chakras.

I would propose that the Chakra energy system is here and NOW. Not only that it has always been here and now, just perhaps in a different view. (Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on your ones own point of view- Obi Wan Kenobi)

As energitic healing and knowledge of the chakras become proven via scientific method, we shall indeed see chakras becoming more and more mainstream. With the mainstream knowledge and appreciation of the chakras will come new forms of healing and a spiritual up liftment that will bring in the New Age.

May healing and knowledge of Self flow.

Sat Nam,


(I’ve placed this into the 5th Chakra category as it is a communication about the Chakras)

Skeletal CyMa))ssage Kundalini Yoga Therapy – SCMKYT

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Gotta give a hat tip to Guru Jiwan Singh Khalsa who posts about this very effective type of Kundalini Yoga Therapy.

What I really like about this approach is the initial analysis, via Tantric Numerology, to gain insight into the types of energy that the person may be primarly influenced by. Bio energetic healing is soo good for people. By encouraging the body to heal at a cellular level we can truly bring about real change and healing.

Based on the information provided it would appear as though this specific treatment offering if for people that are really ailing and in need of healing. I wonder if there is a toned down treatment that can be applied simply for some preventative maintenance???

Either way Kundalini Yoga practice itself provides an excellent system of maintenance for the body. Several bodies actually, physical, mental, emotional and subtle ones as well.



Chakras Test Online

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I ran across this nice little chakras test online via this forum.

Here are my results:

Root: open (25%)
Sacral: over-active (75%)
Navel: open (38%)
Heart: open (44%)
Throat: open (56%)
Third Eye: open (56%)
Crown: open (31%)

Percentages go from -100% to +100%

The test appears rather valid at first glance. There is also a very useful Chakras questionairre in The Kundalini Yoga Experience book. Based on my results it appears as though I need to polarize and increase flow to my crown and root chakras. I shall have to tap into the Creative force of my second chakra, to assist with the energy transference. I am a Scorpio, which tends to indicate that my life force centers around my 2nd chakra, (the water sign correlates to the fluid nature of the sacral center.)

I’ll see if I can leverage the navel center, for a power boost into the upper ones.

I think I will work on my centers the following ways over the next month or so:

  1. Root chakra
  2. Navel center
  3. Crown chakra

That should help facilicate the balance. :-)

I love Kundalini Yoga because it helps prescribe work to be done based on energy flow needs.


Reiki Experiments: Testing the Validity of Energy Healing

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I came across an interesting post on the topic of Reiki, so I figured I would comment on it. I do believe that it is important to establish experiments to test the validity of healing practices. And while I do believe there is something to being open to the healing sessions, there is still needs to be some tangible concrete evidence to give validity to the practice. Scientific analysis is not beyond the scope of spirituality, in fact the science of spirit is a necessity for its existence.

First of all I agree with the assertion made.

“It seems reasonable that if this “spiritually-guided life force energy” exists, there should be some way to detect it.”

However I believe your test scenarios for Reiki are not completely in line.

The detection of a living creature within a closed box, would be cool, but this is more along the lines of sensing the aura of the animal in the box and less so in the lines of channeling spiritual life force energy into the boxes/animals.

The second proposed experiment is also not appropriate. While Reiki practicioners can sense the spiritual energy as it is flowing through them during a session, it does not serve as a spiritual life energy temperture reader.

The most tangible, measurable component of a reiki healing session is the heat generated via the transference of energy.

Proposed Experiment

This would need some further definition but this is a good start.

Administrators- 2 Reiki Practicioner 2 Non Reiki Practicioner

Sampling of 30 or 60 people selected for “psychological experiment”

Equipment- Body Heat Measurement Tools – perhaps brain wave scanner as well for extra data- I would suspect that specific brain wave patterns would be encouraged during a reiki session.


  • Pre-experiment- provide psychological background information along with a glass of color liquid to have the people thing the study is tracking the results of something else
  • Hook up heat monitoring equipment on several location on their bodies, either side of the shoulders, stomach, thighs and shin
  • Have them lay down on a test bed with a blanket covering them
  • Place them into the brain imaging equipment
  • Half the group gets two reiki practicioners to place their hands in a series of predetermined locations down the sides of the subjects body, in conjunction with the heat readers
  • The final location would be around either side of the head
  • The other half have non-reiki practicioners do the same thing


The group that recieves the Reiki treatment will on average have their body heat raised significantly higher in the locations that they practicioners hands are placed.

I also suspect a common brain wave patter would express itself with those who were treated by the reiki practicioners.

I think I would need some help to pull off the brain imaging component of this experiment. Perhaps Richard Davidson, cited here for his brain wave research into the benefits of meditation, can help support this experiment?? I’ll split the prize with his Waisman Laboratory for Brain Wave Imaging and Behavior.

Let me know if ya think this approach holds weight?


Reiki Energy Healing for Chakras

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I have finally gotten around to putting some useful information about Reiki here.

I thought it appropriate to give thanks to my Reiki instructor, and Light Body Instructor as well, Esther Turner.

Reiki is a means of providing energy healing to individuals. It provides an excellent channel for working with peoples chakras in a non-invasive way. Reiki is the channel, in this lifetime, where I came to know that I needed to understand the chakra energy centers a bit more in order to feel fulfilled in life. A friend of mine used Reiki to entice the Kundalini to fly up from the base of my spine and out through my 5th chakra to clear up a blockage.
As you may read in the Reiki Healing overview, Reiki provides a practicioner the ability to channel life force energy through their hands and into another individual. The way one is actually able to perform Reiki healing is via attunement sessions/classes.

All Reiki practicioners come from Dr. Mikao Usui- (okay okay they come from God) I thought I would provide my Reiki Lineage as a tribute to the teachers that have come before me and for the benefit of all those that may come after.

  • Dr. Mikao Usui
  • Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
  • Hawayo Takata
  • Iris Ishikuro
  • Arthur Robertson
  • Rick & Emma Ferguson
  • Margarette L. Shelton
  • Kathleen Ann Milner
  • Arline E. Rowden
  • Esther A. Turner
  • Hershel (that’s me)

Benefits of Reiki Healing

  • Improved flow of energy throughout the body, chakras included!
  • Increased energy level
  • Pain decrease
  • Works wonders on head aches and leg cramps
  • No drugs required
  • Non-invasive, we are talking about healing energetic vibrations here
  • Get excited about magic in the world

If you are looking for a session in Wisconsin, Madison in particular, I’ve noted some resources for reiki here.