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Tantric Numerology  Exploration

I’ve found Tantric Numerology to be a type of Natal Chart reading which coincides with a person’s evolutionary development manifested through their 10 bodies. 

I know what you may be thinking, “but Krishan, don’t we only have 1 body?”  We do have one physical body, but in the Kundalini Yoga tradition there are actually 10 of them.  They are as follows:

  1. Soul
  2. Negative Mind
  3. Positive Mind
  4. Neutral Mind
  5. Physical Body
  6. Subtle Body
  7. Aura
  8. Pranic Body
  9. Arcline
  10. Radiant Body

(9 out of 10 from memory, not bad.  Attribution to the book, The Aquarian Teacher, by Yogi Bhanjan.)

As I continue my studies in trantic numerology etc. I’ll do some more explorations into these various bodies.

Here is the internet’s current best resource for Tantric Numerology.  I punched in my birthday info and here’s what I discovered, with some supporting notes from the link above.

Krishan Singh’s Tantric Numerology: 

(Bullets below from Aquarian Teacher descriptions of the 10 bodies.)

Soul: 5 the Physical Body, core identity relation to self.

  • Teacher
  • Balance
  • Sacrifice

Karma: 10 the Radiant Body, my relation with others.

  • Royal Courage
  • Radiance
  • Nobility

Gift: 6 the Arcline, this is my gift from God.  The arcline provides the power of projection.  I am blessed to be able to project my prayers into manifestation.  May they be used to serve humanity.  Thank you for the Gift God!

  • Justice
  • Protection
  • Projection

Destiny: 7 the Aura this is how others see me.  I guess they are able to sense my aura.

  • Mercy
  • Security
  • Love

Path: 4 the Neutral Mind, neither positive, nor negative.  Intuitively interpret without judgement.

  • Service
  • Compassion
  • Integration

Numerologial Reflections 

This is very useful information for people to understand themselves, who they are, what they are gifted as an individual and what aspects they can work on to improve themselves living their Soul purpose.  The Sadhana recommendations provided in from the link above are very insightful.  I also picked up some useful insights from Guruchandar Singh Khalsa’s book on Tantric Numerology. 

I was reviewing the book with a fellow teacher trainee of mine, Anotnella.  I noted my Karma number to her, my Radiant Body.  Now her being the intuitive person that she is she says to me, “yes you have this ability but you do not use it.”  I thought to myself, my goodness, she is right.  I used to always be a very outgoing person, always radiating out towards others around me.  Lately I’ve been more reserved.  I’ve been this way to try to not draw attention to myself.  I thought this was a way for me to be humble in my presence.  But when she stated this I realized, I can still be a radiant individual and humble at the same time.  In fact my Karma is to be Radiant.

And so the veil is coming off.  No more Mr. quite guy.  It’s going to be time to make my presence felt.  May that presence, serve, up lift and heal those around me.  For in service, there is humility.

Sat Nam

Krishan Singh

Skeletal CyMa))ssage Kundalini Yoga Therapy – SCMKYT

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Gotta give a hat tip to Guru Jiwan Singh Khalsa who posts about this very effective type of Kundalini Yoga Therapy.

What I really like about this approach is the initial analysis, via Tantric Numerology, to gain insight into the types of energy that the person may be primarly influenced by. Bio energetic healing is soo good for people. By encouraging the body to heal at a cellular level we can truly bring about real change and healing.

Based on the information provided it would appear as though this specific treatment offering if for people that are really ailing and in need of healing. I wonder if there is a toned down treatment that can be applied simply for some preventative maintenance???

Either way Kundalini Yoga practice itself provides an excellent system of maintenance for the body. Several bodies actually, physical, mental, emotional and subtle ones as well.