The Seven Chakras

Kundalini Yoga & Chakras Balancing

Seven Chakras: Energy Centers or Wheels

There are seven primary chakras, or energy centers sometimes called wheels, that flow through the human body along the spinal cord. The chakra energy system lies within more than just the physical state of being. Each charka is correlated with different aspects of our lives.

Yogi Bhajan also taught that the 8th chakra is the aura, or the sum total of all the chakras, an individuals magnetic field. 

By learning to understand and work with our chakras to bring them into balance we are able to excel at all things and lead a joyful life. Kundalini Yoga provides scientific approach to exercizing your chakras so that they may become balanced. By focusing on the areas within your life that need the most attention, this system is able to allow you to remove blockages so that you may express yourself to the highest potential. Each Chakras has a primary color of expression and is associated with specific glands in the endocryne system. It is via kundalini yoga that one is able to work with these glands and energies in a controlled manner.

A great Kundalini Yoga DVD that takes you through the 7 Chakras is:

Kundalini Yoga – A Journey through the Chakras

4 Responses

  1. K.SUNDARI Says:

    how to meditate the chakra. pls explain clearly. wans to know more abt kundalini meditations. tks…..

  2. Subramaniam Kalimuthu Says:

    Pls let me know the mantras of each
    chakra. ( sound )

  3. Krishan Says:

    Sat Nam

    I believe there are books out there that focus on sound associated with each center. I’m not personally versed in this approach to discuss.

    Krishan Singh

  4. vickram Says:

    how to open all the chakras within my body?i need to know the mantaras

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