Yoga Glossary

Ahimsa- not harming or non-violence define:ahimsa

Ajna- 6th chakra, third eye, intuition center, color ingido, more info to define:ajna

Anahata- the 4th chakra, heart center, color green, more on how to define: anahata

Aparigraha- non grasping more on how to define:aparigraha
Asteya- non-stealing – define:asteya
Bramacharya- to move towards Brahma- bramacharya definition
Chakra- wheel, or center of energy- here we Define: Chakra

Kundalini- hair of the beloved, a type of energy- here we Define: Kundalini

Manipura- 3rd chakra, power center, color yellow, here is some more info on how one can define:manipura

Mantra- word of power- further info on how to define:mantra

Mudra- hand position- additional information to define:mudra

Muladhara- the 1st chakra, base center, color red, more on how to define:muladhara

Prana- life force energy- here we define:prana

Pranayama- breathing, or the science of yoga breating- here we Define:Pranayama

Sadhana- daily spiritual practice, discipline, define: sadhana

Sahasrara- the 7th chakra, crown center, color light purple, more on how to define:sahasrara

Sat Nam – a mantra that states Truth is my identity- additional perspective on how to define:Sat Nam

Satya-speaking about what is true define:Satya

Saucha- cleanliness saucha definition 

Svadhisthana- 2nd chakra, sacral center, color orange more on how to define: svadhisthana

Vishuddha- 5th chakra, communication/creativity center, color blue, we define:vishuddha here

Yoga- defined as union, or to Yoke

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  1. cindy G Says: there a video..of Kundalini yoga..i can watch and do..and learn..i been looking everywhere on the net..thanks

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