Yoga in Madison WI

Looking for Yoga in Madison Wisconsin?

Great, you are on your way towards getting started properly. I can’t stress enough that Yoga is best performed under the expert guidance of an instructor and with a group of individuals.

I have pulled together some of the best Yoga resources in Madison Wisconsin. For the purpose of this section I have provided more than just simply Kundalini Yoga classes.

Kundalini Yoga Classe

Lisa Lawrence has a fantastic schedule that boasts excellent Madison Kundalini Yoga Instructors- visit here for her Kundalini Class schedule

Additional Madison, WI Yoga Sites


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  1. David Turner Says:

    Great website! I just opened a yoga studio on the west side of Madison, focusing on Vinyasa/Ashtanga style classes. It’s a small studio, but I have found I really enjoy smaller classes, as I can give more personalized attention. Keep up the good work

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