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For anyone who happens upon this blog you’ll see a 1 year gap in posting. Not a very good thing to do in the blogosphere but I had reasons for the posting delay. For 1 I had a new baby and he is great, he is another time committment, but it’s the type of committment that I love to make. And 2 I’ve been exploring some other aspects of yoga. Not necessarily Kundalini Yoga. Live and yoga in general are ever evolving perspectives.

As you’ll note from my extensive Teacher Training class, I was subjected to a lot of tradition carried over from India. The tradition is beautiful and has transformed my life for the better, however, as an individual I didn’t agree with all of the rigid structure set forth in the tradition. As a seeker of Truth, I’ve begun exploring additional paths of Raja Yoga (note I didn’t say Raj Yoga) and have found that in this new age, which is just about the current age, that one must take different aspects of life and spirituality from experience and integrate them together. For example, within my new line of studies I’ve learned that minds in the Eastern Hemisphere of the Earth are more accustom to long stretches of meditation, say hours on end, while minds in the Western Hemisphere, which is where I live, are more active in nature and don’t due as well with the long stretches. Personally I have no problem meditation for an hour at a crack, but I’d say I’m not typical of the common Westerner in this way. So to be of increased value and service in the future a shift from the traditional perspective may be of value in the West. There are several other instances of this, which I may or may not get into in the future. I don’t want to detract from the wonderful thing, which is Kundalini Yoga.

For this past year I’ve been struggling with how to best communicate this on this blog, since I’ve been communicating here for the most part from a traditional Kundalini Yoga perspective. I’ve found the answer, just honesty. My studies have taken me to a point where it’s become challenging to lump all the perspectives I’d like to share only under the Kundalini Yoga Blog & Chakra Balancing concept. Spirituality is so much more than just Kundalini Yoga & Chakra Balancing. So I am going to pick up my sharing within a domain I’ve been toying with for a couple of years. It took me a while to develop a Title and Tag line that could encompass all of the thoughts that I will likely share over time, yoga, meditation, complimentary medicine, astrology, spirituality, relationships, so broad. And I can now cover under the heading of

Spirits Awaken: Aquarian Spirituality for the Soul

Madtown Yoga a unified resource for Yoga in Madison

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Hello yoga interweb, I came across this great resource for finding yoga classes in Madison WI, Madtownyoga.com. Madtown Yoga’s website administrator has been kind enough to go through the trouble of aggregating the Yoga Schedules for the following studios:

  • Bliss Flow (recently opened up a new studio, although I haven’t been)
  • Capital Fitness
  • The Chakra House (might I suggest a class with Laura Flanagan)
  • Inner Fire
  • Jewel in the Lotus
  • Kaivala
  • A Perfect Knot
  • Yoga Eight

The site is great, it provides all yoga classes going on today and the rest of this week.

What a great resource for the Madison yoga community, check it out!

Liver Cleanse Experiment, Cleansing via Multiple Modalities

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Liver cleansing is an important part of maintaining a healthy body.  The liver is the eliminator of toxins from our body, as such it can get rather taxed after years of cleansing, or in many cases years of abuse.  If I knew then what I know now I would have been nicer to my liver in my younger years.

Liver Cleanse Experiment:

Earlier this year I went for an acupuncture session at Isthmus Acupuncture.  I went for stress releif and to see about relieving some of my reoccuring stomach issues.  In order to diagnose my issues I was given a brief survey of my overall health.  This was my first time experiencing acupunture, and what a treat!  The stress locations on my neck were pressed gently upon as the acupunturist said, “does it help when I press, here, or here.”  After several here or here questions and a review of my survey I learned that my liver was a source for my dis-ease.   It was presumably my college years, prior to becoming a yogi, coming back to visit me.

Now being the yogi that I am I thought, hmm, I shall have to work on healing my liver.  Time for a Liver Cleanse!

So here is the experiment, there is a lovely Kundalini Yoga kriya, Let the Liver Live.  So in order to help with my healing I strated a 40 day Sadhana of Let the Liver Live.  I have also supplemented this yoga practice with a Liver Cleansing Organic Herbal Supplement, made by yogis :-)

Then I went back for another acupuncture session last week.

My diagnosis this time was that my liver was still giving me some problems, however, not as many issues as before.  Not only that, it turns out my detox meridians, (I believe this is an appropriate term) were enflamed.  This means my body was detoxing, which tells me that a regular practice of Let the Liver Live plus Liver Cleansing herbal supplements has a detoxifying effect on the body.  Excellent.

I will continue the 40 day practice and go back for another acupuncture session by the end of the year.  At that time we’ll see how my liver symptoms are doing. 

I will keep you posted on progress.

At the end of the day it really goes to show what supplemental medicine can do for the human body.  It’s unfortunate that acupuncture is rarely covered by health insurance.  If it was covered I would go much more regularly.  For that matter yoga class should be covered under insurance, at least in some capacity.  Preventative Maintenance of the body is the way to fight health care costs now and in the future.

Here’s to your health!



Chakra Energy Balancing for Health & Healing

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Chakra Energy Balancing provides the key to optimal health.  After a couple years of writing on this site I realized that I had been somewhat negleting to write posts recently that focus on chakra balancing.  After all one of the reasons I came to Kundalini Yoga in the first place was it’s focus and body of knowledge around the chakra energy system.

As I continue to deepen my studies of the 7 sacred centers I’ve been presented with the information that all forms of human dis-ease in manifestation are the result of an imbalance in one or more of the chakras, either over or under stimulation.  Thus it stands to reason that through proper balancing of the chakra system, perfect health is acheivable within the human body temple.

I love Kundalini Yoga, it provides a beautiful and powerful technology for balancing the chakras.  The healers of the New Age will understand how to work with the chakras.  I love using the term “New Age” these days, because in case you haven’t realized yet, the New Age is almost the present Age.

I look forward to my calling in the soon to be Present Age, the Aquarian Age, as a Healer & Teacher.

New Energy Balance

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Earlier this week I finished another 40 day Sadhana.  My practice was a New Energy Balance.  This kriya was a lovely set that nicely stimulated the lower triangle centers and then yoked the energy up to the higher centers.

So do I find my self newly balanced with energy?  Well, somewhat yes.

My wife and I have recently been blessed with a new baby and let me tell you I for sure have some new energy to balance.  But through working with the kriya I’ve found myself regulating my energy better then I was before.  I would like to think I am more calm and at peace with my life, even though it seems upside down at times.

One of the beautiful benefits of this 40 day practice was that this new energy balance keeps with ya a bit.  For example, today I practiced the kriya, Master Your Domain.  I have practiced this kriya before, several times in fact.  In the past I’ve noticed a welling up of energy in my 3rd center, after practicing Master Your Domain, due to the navel work mixed with pranayam.  This time however, I noticed this energy rising.  The energy that was channeled into my system rose up via the new energy balance I had created with 40 days of practice. 

Now I shall have to balance other aspects of my life with this new energy balance.

Japji Sahib, Practical Experience

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Japji Sahib is regularly practiced as the first portion of a Kundalini Yogi’s Aquarian Sadhana.  I have a secret to admit.  For a while there, say several months, I neglected my Japji Sahib practice.  You know how that goes, the regular excuse comes up…well if I skip Japji I can still have lots of time to meditate and I don’t have to get up any earlier. 

So I skipped for a while and I came to realize that I missed it.

During Teacher Training we spent a decent amount of time learning about Japji.  I even bought and watched a CD class dedicated to it’s practice.  I’ve come to realize that a regular Kundalini Yoga practice allows a practicioner to start to move a large amount of energy within the mind, body, spirit system.  I’ve also come to realize that a regular Japji practice helps to regulate this energy.  Specifically for me it helps me to regulate the energy of my mind, which tends to have it’s way with me sometimes.  So when I had had enough of my mind having it’s way with me, I decided to pick up my practice of Japji again, for a very practical purpose.

Now then, I’ve also been keeping a journal.  It’s a daily review journal, but through additional meditation classes I’ve come to the understanding that during yoga and meditation is an excellent time to keep a personal Spiritual Journal of thoughts and impressions that come to mind.  When one is in a meditative state of mind, the thoughts and impressions tend to come from ones soul or sub-conscious mind.  These thoughts serve as clues for what one may be working through at that present point in their life.  So it turns out that during my Japji Sahib practice I keep a journal as well

This is all fine and dandy, however, I was fortunate enough that during teacher training my friend Akal Dev took the time to type up Japji in line with the effects the various pauris (stanzas) have on those who speak the Shabad.  So as I was keeping a journal of the thoughts that popped up in my head during Japji, I kept note of the pauris I was reading at the time of the thoughts, and thus their effects. 

For example, I was chanting pauri 19 when I had an idea, a great idea.  It just so happens that pauri 19 brings universal knowledge, inspiration and revelation.  Well hmmm, maybe I should act on the idea that I had while chanting pauri 19.  What was that idea, well hold tight, it’s going to take a little bit to manifest, but it will come and I’ll be sure to share.

So I’ve found my way back to Japji Sahib, and not only that I’ve found another way to bring soulful insight down into physical manifestation through practical application of Japji Sahib.

good times

Sat Nam!

Coping with Death, Spiritually

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Coping with death is rarely an easy process.  This past week the angel of Death paid a visit to my dear friend, Guru Kar Singh, aka Kenny Valez.  Kenny became my friend during my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training experience.  He was so generous he allowed me to stay at his place on our overnight intensive weekends.

This extra time together afforeded me a special bond with Kenny as we related to one another on how we were integrating the experiences.  We became so close we even convinced him and his partner Peter to come visit us last year for a Farmer’s Marketing in Madison.  Kenny was like a brother to me.  At one time we got lost on a field trip and he said, “Krishan do you think we were brothers in a past life.”   I thought, ya know, probably and in fact he was a brother to me in this life as well.

I miss my brother.

Kenny’s passing brought back a slew of feelings and emotions about the loss of my best friend Tony a few years ago.  Coping with death is rarely an easy process.

I just learned that my dear friend Sarah lost her grandmother this week.  Sarah is my friend that opened my world up the chakras and my heart goes out to her and her family.

So how do we cope with death?

Coping with Death: Spiritually some Yogic Perspective

Energetically death is a very challenging thing to process for those whom are left behind.  Especially in the case of those who seem to leave us all too early, as was the case with Kenny, questions of Why pop up.  Why did this have to happen to him?  Why did this have to happen to him now?  Why didn’t I make a point to spend more time with him while he was still here?  Why?  Why?

Well one has to process this mental energy of questioning.  A useful means for doing this is through Acceptance.  It kind of makes it difficult to accept things when loss is involved, but we must take a step back from this temporal view of things.  When viewed from the perspective of the immortal Soul acceptance is a much more natural step in the process.  The Soul is the keeper of when it is time to go, in Kundalini Yoga it is said that every individual is born with a specific number of breaths, pranic cycles if you will, that will carry them through their present incarnation.  At the proper time, when the number of breaths has run out, the Soul transitions out of its present body.  The saying…”It was his time” is very true, humbling and useful in accepting death/transition.

For those more scientifically oriented acceptance of the fact that energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed or transferred also can bring a kind state of acceptance.

Transition is a more positive term than death for it implies that this is merely one step in the process.  In Kundalini Yoga there is a Spiritual practice for the living to assist the one who has transitioned in making the journey home.  We chant Akal for them.  Akal means Deathless, or Undying.

“You did not die.  Continue and go on.  I let you go.  This can encourage the soul to go onto it’s true home” The Aquarian Teacher

I began my practice of Akal the day after I heard Kenny had transitioned.  I continued it today and sent the energy to Sarah’s grandmother as well.  I had an interesting vision a couple days ago when chanting Akal, I saw a door opening, that’s it.  Simple, yet powerful at the same time–transition.  I have also found that chanting Akal helps to center my being in the knowledge that this crazy thing called life is just one step in the process and that my Soul is immortal, which brings further acceptance.

There is comfort in transition.  Comfort that you may meet your loved one again in Heaven, or possibly in another life time.  And when you get there you can say, “Hey you bum, why did you leave me so soon.  Next time stick round for a bit, I so enjoy relating to you.”

Being around friends and family also helps to cope with the loss of a friend.  It really just makes you appreciate them more and think of ways to be with them more, because that’s what’s really important.

I’ve also found that writing about those who have transitioned is also very good for coping.  Sharing these writings with others also helps.

I pray for those who have transitioned, may the light guide your way home.

I pray for those who are still among us, may you find your way on.


White Tantric Yoga: Chicago 2009

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Well, it was that time of the year again.  Time to participate in my second White Tantric Yoga experience.  Last weekend I made the trip down to Chicago to participate with 100+ others in the all day meditation events.

White Tantric provides an optimal group experience, which is carefully faciliated, for breaking through blocks within the subconscious.  Lord knows I’ve got blocks in there.

Here’s a quick pic I took with my phone during the event:

White Tantric Yoga Chicaogo 2009

This was the line of people I was in.  What’s really interesting to ponder on is that White Tantric works with Diagonal Z energy lines of force, so even though these peps were in my line, I was actually directly energetically linked with those sitting in other lines @ angles to me.

The first few meditations of the day were cake, but great warm ups.  Then in the afternoon we jumped into the 31 minute meditations.  If you have every sat still for 31 minutes  you can begin to relate to the mental energy that needs to be expended to maintain the posture.  What’s great is that the group energy helps to carry you through the meditation.

I found this White Tantric experience to be much more powerful for me than last time.  I think it’s because since I completed my teacher training I’ve been meditating daily as part of my Sadhana, for at least 20 minutes per day.  So I carried that vibration into the experience.

Now that  I’m through White Tantric for this year I’ve found myself able to carry my high vibration from my morning practice longer throughout my day.  Which really is the purpose of the daily practice.

If you get a chance to take a White Tantric course, go for it!  I do recommend some practice meditating prior to jumping in.

Oh and neck lock can be a life saver when you are sitting there for 31 minutes.

Sat Nam


Heart Center Opener (ing)

40 Days, 4th Chakra- Heart Center 2 Comments

Staying true to my sadhana, I’ve completed a 40 day kriya, Heart Center Opener.

It was a lovely kriya I must say.  I live in the Midwest, which is considered to be the Heart land of America.  We’ve been getting blasted the past year with snow and rain.  Esoterically speaking this is a cleansing of the heart center.  In order to get more in tune with America, I decided to take on the Heart Center Opener kriya.

As a man thinkith in his heart so he is, or something like that.  This kriya has helped me to get more in touch with my heart center, to use this center of being for more guidance in my life.  The more people in the heart land of America, that can get in tune with their heart centers, the more we can collectively help to guide America forward in the Age of Aquarius.

Sat Nam


I am, I am, I am

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I am, I am, I am

I know what you are thinking, what, I am what?

That’s just it, I am, I am.

One mantra used in Kundalini Yoga is, I am.  This week I had the fortunate experience to listen to Deepak Chopra in Madison.  His talk was fantastic, he took us through some quantum physics and provided some wonderful insights as key take aways.  One thread of discussion especially caught my attention, it dealt with karma.

Dr. Chopra said that thoughts which occur in your mind, and tend to make it challenging for one to mediate, are the result of karmas which are past memories, or desires for the future.  He then stated that by using the Mantra I am, I am, I am for 10 – 15 minutes you can counter those karmas.  Why?

Because I am is undefined.  It is a term that carries with it no karma, it’s simply a mantra of being.  How cool is that huh?  I am, I am, it’s so simple yet so powerful.  So the karma of your thought and the mantra I am cancel each other out, and then you are operating the the “gap” as he called it, which is the off time period in between the on phase of manifestation, which is a continuing cycle of on off on off.  This gap, Dr. Chopra stated, is your Soul.

I suspect Sat Nam is along a similar vibration to I am.

Anyhoot, it was an ah ha moment for me, so I thought I’d share.

I am

I am

I am


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